now, we also put the business enterprise and traditional enterprise treated separately, but the boundaries of e-commerce and traditional business has become increasingly blurred, and with the development of mobile Internet and traditional business into Internet, e-commerce will disappear in the future, because all business is electronic business affairs. Electronic commerce is a consumer demand as the center of the market economy, only pay attention to consumer demand, follow the rules of market economy, to act as their role in the tide of the internet.


one, the plight of traditional enterprises

Have certain resource advantages

traditional enterprises are online, some production supply chain advantages, there are some brand advantage, capital advantage, with more and more enterprises to enter the electricity supplier, the level is getting higher and higher, the traditional enterprise fun electricity providers will be increasingly high threshold.

began a lot of traditional enterprises do not understand the electricity supplier operators, the operating technology is very mysterious, many generations of operating companies, or self built team. But after several deception, repeated tossing and running, but also basically understand the operation of doorways, in fact, through self study, training team, or the introduction of talent, it is not difficult to solve these problems. Later found that sales are done, but not only no profits, but the line of business impact of a mess, where is the problem?

some production enterprises do wholesale and retail electricity supplier to do, cost pricing, lack of planning and budget in the channel shut out the operating costs of enterprises, so that enterprises have no possibility of profit from the beginning, will only sell more thanks to the more. Some brands line with market share to do business, constantly on the price, sales activities, sterilization, but hurt the brand, also hurt offline sales channels, with brand value to change the false popularity ranking, fire platform, pit himself.

so, today’s traditional enterprises to do electricity providers dilemma is not operational technology, nor is it capital and resources, but the understanding of the nature of business. As an emerging trading channel, E-commerce changes the way of product sales and promotes the efficiency of the transaction. However, there is still no change in the customer focus, providing products to meet customer needs. When the operation of e-commerce channel technology is not a problem, the biggest problem is to plan the relationship between major channels, so that the major channels can promote each other, rather than fighting each other.

two, enterprise how to do electricity supplier

Many of the problems encountered in the

business, in fact, the reform and opening up Chinese traditional enterprises have encountered, in the capital of the world tide of those foreign enterprises have encountered, those who experience these stages and the survival of the enterprise must have its attractions, these are all can be used as our reference.

1. consumer demand center, said

e-commerce is the most market-oriented economic form. In the era of increasingly rich goods and shopping channels, more and more consumers have chosen

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