: This article was written on the 14 day.

to 2 p.m., I looked at CCTV, was touched many times. Many times shed tears. I decided to donate money.

house below there is a ICBC, I went to ICBC to deposit 50 yuan. Then use U shield to transfer to my Agricultural Bank’s card. Then join donations via QQ’s http://s.gongyi.qq.com/juanzeng/llj_dizhen.htm to get donations.

I looked at sina donations. Http://news.sina.com.cn/c/2008-05-12/230015524111.shtml said that 500 yuan would help the victims survive a month after the disaster. But I can’t make out that account. Donations from the donation page of QQ. The reason why you want to donate 50 yuan is this. 2 days ago, I had no money. I rented a house. It’s due in June 8th, and I’m not ready for 1 cents. I took 180 yuan with my mother yesterday as a meal allowance. I’ve been watching the news for 2 days and I don’t know how many times I was moved. The state was dogged by bad luck. The mood has been very depressing. Now I have 165.5 yuan. I decided to donate money. How much is the donation,


am I formalism? Follow the trend? Is it irrational? How much should I donate? I asked myself, not in the form, not follow the trend. I live 14 yuan a day. Let’s stay for 10 days, 140. I can donate 20 yuan. But the donation is too small, I think it’s more difficult to donate. Then, 3 days off, 50 yuan for living expenses. This is my first donation. I have 7 days’ worth of living for myself. If I were affected and false, I wouldn’t be able to die.

next, I go to the QQ page, anonymous, bless people, there is hope….. ICBC transferred to ABC card, has not yet come into effect. Agricultural Bank of China this card shows that only bank card balance inquiries results

your account: 9559981710427378***

current balance: 7.45  available balance: 7.45

so I’ll donate it via QQ when it’s in effect. The results came into effect at 17 p.m.. I saw 57 dollars, but I was blue. It’s meaningless to donate money for your own melancholy. I asked myself, immediately no money, and I went to the mother to take money to eat. Where does mom take the money,


ah, really upset, did not do good things, and their lack of money, and engage in their own now so embarrassed. I know, if I don’t work hard, I’ll be more embarrassed in the days to come. Try hard to do your own thing well and make some efforts for the society later. Even now, donations are irrational.

this is the suffering of my mind and body. I will inspire myself, work hard, and try again. That way I’ll become ">"

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