the current Internet blossom everywhere in various industries, in some industries have done almost saturated, unless there are special ideas or it is too difficult to do the Internet in this industry, such as communication network technology discussion site and comprehensive e-commerce etc.. If we do in these industries often can only serve as the grassroots under the cannon fodder, filling number only, because we can’t have good ideas, even if we are unlikely to go smoothly in this very mature industry.

it is not that we shouldn’t go to contact the Internet, or that we have access to the Internet is a wrong choice? Certainly not the case, because we can see the past or now, and we have a lot of the same root made his success through the internet. Now do the Internet, especially our grassroots do Internet, can get very good development, often through vertical division and regional level segmentation to realize.

personally is a vertical breakdown of the field, is also the site of a web site directory, which is actually belongs to the site navigation, but most of the time the user is Internet practitioners, so in front of I have written about the navigation station related articles, I think there are a lot of online reprint, perhaps it also shows that I had to share at least some friends feel justified. Of course, maybe it’s just my self comfort, but anyway, I want to share a lot of what I want to share with you. Below I will share some of my small experience in recent years the operation of a classified information website, my website now Baidu and Google weights are four, Baidu is very normal, but this can not explain what is important, every day there are many traffic, but also in the long profit.

first, subdivision positioning. I have to say, in the Internet, the number of sites is really too much, such as stars, even our ordinary people can not count the exact number. But be full of sound and colour and there are several, ordinary life of the website and how long, I believe we are very clear. I remember someone said a word, if you feel very easy to do before making a website, then please don’t do it, I think this sentence is very reasonable. You can see many webmaster entry is network technology website, because it is very easy, using the source of others then copying on the line, but the problem is his own stuff to do not understand, how could the website do.

second, be good self. In fact, this relationship with the first point is very close, and everyone knows that as long as it is a typing, Internet users can do a web site, but do not do well is another matter. Now many grassroots website usually is one of this kind of mode, several main page using the online open source program and generic website, of course more directly use website template used by the others, many people even simple modifications are not, ask your site with large sites like even surface >

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