has to do with some of the new media operations personnel communication during these two days, they have some new media on their operations on some of their own views, from their current industry, enterprises in the new media operations this did not put too much money and energy.

‘s see from the media, a friend invited me to answer the question of tourism industry in the know, he said why tourism industry, many from the media account quality is not very high? Then I answered his question for some of my thoughts.

, and today I want to talk about why many new media workers who work in traditional enterprises, why do they generally think it is hard to do new media in traditional enterprises?

before that, let me tell you something. A couple of classmates have gone to school this evening. When I was talking about each other’s work, when one of my classmates heard that I was working on a new media job, he said, "there was a classmate who did the work before, but he didn’t do it for a month.".

, I said, why,


, he said, after the boss hired him, he didn’t bother to ask, and he didn’t know what to do every day except to update the article, so it was boring, so he left.

I heard later in the heart still feel pretty shocking, at least that a situation, that is the current enterprise awareness of new media is also insufficient, the light to see what everybody else WeChat public number, in the WeChat service, but their business done, but do not know finally what to do.

well, now let’s analyze why it’s so hard to do new media in a traditional enterprise,


1. company positioning is not allowed,


is chatting with friends who are doing new media, they will say that their public numbers are not well positioned and that they don’t know what to do and what they should do. In fact, in reality, this type of enterprise is not a minority, some companies simply do not figure out who their user groups are, and what content should be published to attract users.

there is, many companies believe that WeChat only with the number of public companies released some products, that is to say, companies are public, as a direct push advertising platform, a large number of fans to share with, forwarding data, or just want to sell their products.

2. company’s operation team is not perfect,

many companies are hiring an editor to WeChat public number of operators, there is no so-called planning operation ah, ah, for many traditional businesses, even if the company do media operations, just follow the mainstream, see others do, you also do.

but you don’t want to invest too much energy, so there’s no perfect team for operations management

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