is a website operation, website construction from the start line, it opens the optimization journey, facing the changing face of the Internet, secretly competitors, facing all kinds of unpredictable difficulties…… Perhaps, website optimization three months will be able to see the results, there may be no three years by too much of the Internet "Born Under A Bad Sign" thing, need to want to succeed by chance, also need a bit of luck, of course, the spirit of perseverance.


recently read an article on the growth of enterprises "philosophy of water" article, quite agree, "moral", "as good as water", Lao Tzu stressed because "water benefits all things without struggle". In "the Analects of Confucius" · Yong, Confucius in the water than people, "water, leshan". Then, the website optimization process also has different stages, and the optimization methods adopted are different.

: new sites need a pliable

Constant dripping wears away a stone..

many sites just on the line, with a drive, it is easy to see the effect, after all, for new sites, nothing, you make a point, you will see a little success, for the website, a chain, a chain, update an article in Baidu the articles included, when there is the chain, the website included when the natural heart will have a sense of achievement, but not in this, every little bit accumulation, it is in the many websites do Constant dripping wears away a stone. effort, just run through the stone surface, it abandoned the

!The new

site with courage is not a short duration of time Constant dripping wears away a stone., something much perseverance and test difficulties sometimes is unimaginable, don’t think that the original content, search engine will be included, also don’t think that a chain will exist forever, your web site might be high weight website "stolen", the first to others, the chain may have "illegal", die into a chain, and this is actually the droplets are no different, but the nature of evaporation, a lot of people will cause the heart, lost power.

although it may seem like nothing to do when we sit, but in the direction of the team, maybe the website can really follow its own direction.

site explosion: stream

when have enough time included, enough of the chain, the site will have to be proud of the flow, the flow may come from? Is a use of keywords to write web content updates, perhaps in the news website hair soft, perhaps with a link in the forum the share, may be social forum comments, see your remarks left by the friends of Social Web site address, and access to, perhaps all the chain allows the user to inadvertently click……

on the diversification of the network in the world, if the site traffic website operation success as the evaluation standard, so that the flow of web traffic diligently, even after sowing the harvest > FENG

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