I want to buy a computer in a Jingdong, but for a long time but found browsing Jingdong on the user to do this one is in place, can improve the conversion rate, so long to share on the mall for the Jingdong can increase the conversion rate of 5 small details to share in the current view, the Jingdong on the mall the experience of doing well, each one can expect users ready to do what, then from these segments, we can learn what place? Please listen to my share.

first point: the use of search boxes

when you want to buy the book on the Jingdong, you can see the left column directly, but the search box above is really attractive. Study directly.


can see, Jingdong is in accordance with the current large categories to prompt search products, ink warehouse printer, and in other columns, such as books column


see the top of the search box, that is on the tip of the tongue China, is also a Book Introduction, explains about Jingdong is the largest category by prompt consumers shopping habits in the search box; then I whim, want to see dangdang.com, the following screenshot.


pictured above is the dangdang.com Book channel, do not know why, display the search box is actually the cup, to remind consumers in the channel of books in the cup? Or what? In any case, the use of Jingdong on the search box is really hard, suggesting that the buying behavior of consumers have some help.

second points: for consumer services (cash on delivery, slow 39 free shipping, door-to-door) obvious


actually opened the Jingdong can see the right side of the three plates, three plates on every plate let consumers feel comfortable, remember colleagues want to buy something in a Jingdong, but do not worry, the use of cash on delivery way, the Jingdong’s efficiency is very fast, second days to come, this is a good experience, also let us see the Jingdong’s intentions in Jingdong; right where the most eye-catching three plate also shows that the Jingdong for the user to consider the importance of as a B2C company, the users in the first place, which will bring endless opportunities for users.

In fact, many sites in the

subdivision do not pay attention to the user experience, what is missing a point in a certain place, if you can not stand in the user’s point of view it for users is a kind of hurt.

third: Sales first for the default



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