some people say: the mall or store network reduction of SKU (editor’s note: SKU, namely the stock inventory measurement unit, the most basic value) is equal to the reduced scale, in fact is the case?. Whether from the 28 principles or ABC analysis, we can see: at present, many of the electricity supplier’s warehousing volume is not large, but I think the storage area of the goods will never be enough. SKU website has been dazzling, and users still can not buy goods or high rate of shortage.

Wen / invited author Guo Baowei

Yangchun March, entered the 2 billion target brewmaster network categorically take initiatives, SKU was slashed, from 2000 to 700 at one fell swoop. This makes many people cannot understand: in this category scale profitable business era, when the Jingdong, Dangdang, (micro-blog) and Cuba B from the vertical to department store age, do not brewmaster network cripple?

don’t draw further apart?

certainly not, brewmaster data prove: good sell SKU always sell well, sell well, even if low prices dumping, bundling, buy a send two, edge still.

to fine food

, for example, the vertical class B2C good buy, in the early days of creation, SKU reached 10 thousand, brand categories cover all brands, of course, many are virtual inventory, customer experience is terrible. 09 years of good music, buying massive cuts in SKU numbers, and ensuring "cash on hand"". Although the styles and types of shoes will be reduced, but as long as consumers buy will ensure delivery, thus greatly improving the good music to buy automatic control product control ability, it can guarantee the effective inventory statistics, it can avoid the brands for more intervention enterprise goods use, to ensure better purchasing experience.

Jingdong Dangdang is the same, most people do not understand Jingdong Dangdang in expanding the category at the same time, in fact, constantly streamlining SKU. Obviously, Jingdong Dangdang so far dare not call itself a supermarket or department store, always mall. We all understand that the mall is never a department store. Department stores, some goods mall may not have, the mall’s merchandise positioning must be higher than the Department store.

therefore, to do a good job, the mall must be more accurate grasp of its own user base and supply chain. Especially the vertical category electricity supplier, should be more vertical vertical, so as to make the supply chain more fine fine, fine to eat.

The current stage of development of

e-commerce is, in fact, the rough phase of traditional business at the beginning of reform and opening up in 80s. Start as long as the funds, will be able to brave a factory, regardless of any industry, competition without order barriers, such as water, cheap labor. Later 5S, ISO 9000 quality certification to pursue JIT management and so on, is actually the process to fine food. In this process, who goes first, who can survive, because the cost is higher and higher, the competition is more and more big, the profit is thinner and thinner.


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