[Fourth] white paper open platform on-line! In the non mobile open platform game distribution volume classification, social networking, video tools, life is still the user favorite; while in the game operation mode, ARPG, numerical RPG games share the rapid growth. In this issue, Kaiping Jun according to "2014 China Internet open platform white paper" for mobile developers refining dry big data, teach you fun mobile development


current issue:

What are the features of

1. mobile end users

What are the operating modes of

2. mobile terminal


3. fun mobile development 5 tips, 1 mobile end users what features


mobile terminal user

mobile end users have been more inclined to higher education users. Boys in the mobile terminal, PC side more attention to sports information. Girls become more interested in beauty care information at the mobile terminal. For leisure and entertainment information, both boys and girls are consistent, and they prefer this information at the mobile terminal.


PC users have three small peaks per day, at 11 a.m., 16 p.m., and 9 p.m.. The mobile terminal is 12 noon and 22 at night, the two peak.

] application treasure user characteristic


applications treasure high active users (month visit 4 days or more users) access days, in addition to the February Spring Festival has been affected, continued to grow all the way. In addition, this part of the user contributed more than 7 of the distribution of applications treasure.


, while users download new applications (non updates) in app treasure, has also been growing.


according to statistics show that the application of treasure users in the near June Tencent platform has paid more than 25% of users.


application treasure users, more than half of the users are hand travel users.

hand travel user analysis



compared to mobile users, undergraduate education has become the highest proportion of users of the group, higher education bias is more obvious. In addition, three lines of urban users accounted for 6 of total users.


over 6 into the user habits in the WiFi environment to play hand travel, 2G network environment accounted for more than 20%, 2>

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