everyone knows, since the Taobao fire up, many people began to do business CPS platform. To do such a platform, in fact, is very simple, there is no secret to speak of, and if you find some of the purchase channels or agents of some goods, you can also do CPS platform. But premise you have certain operation ability and capital strength, otherwise manufacturer does not believe you. Because Li Changjia is the traditional sales come, and if you have different sales performance, can also become the chips of cooperation.

returns to the text. CPS platform more and more, is to see millions of personal Adsense these sales channels, but also for these personal webmaster is easy to control. "Why do you say that," Li Changjia said one after another.

I can say that many webmasters do not have their own profit plans, anyway, we make money through advertising alliances, but also rely on advertising unions. If the advertising alliance can’t make money, it’s basically white and hard to get due. That’s not our intention.

but what we have to do is find our own profit model. CPS platform may be a kind of hope for many webmaster, including Li Chang family, also look forward to CPS platform.

in fact, the CPS platform for sales control is quite bit, the antecedents of statistical data less transparent, that is, the final performance, how can only rely on the CPS platform statistics data.

this is probably where the unspoken rules are.

some time ago, mobile CPS platform actively find me, say to you to do a mobile phone promotion. Of course, advertising is free, 10% sales commission, they promised to give each other a month of data, and they opened an account for me, said that you can find the antecedents statistics.

when they log in to their account for a few days, there are only 3 data on them, but none of them are paid. So I chatted with someone who was active in QQ, and she said that the website was revised and changed the domain name, so it was necessary to change the link.

I did as well. I’m under their website. The address is Shenzhen. So I told him that I had been in Shenzhen for 10 years and often went to the address of their company. Maybe that’s the reason. I think she’s afraid. Later changed the screen name.


in a few days later, once again log in their so-called background data, or 3 data, I found that careful observation is a date, it is possible that these data are written them up, they don’t have to link to here.

in a word, this is a liar. Now the shadow is gone, I see the record in QQ, there is no such person, this is the liar’s guilty conscience.

Li Changjia advise you want to do CPS platform friends, must pay attention to all the details of the choice. If you are not sure, or Taobao passengers, but I heard that Taobao is also a mess. CPSG platform to become some people take advantage of loopholes, take the grassroots webmaster face brush.

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