some seemingly plausible words often conflict with other reasonable words.

success depends on perseverance." "Tomorrow is good, but most of us die tonight."." Where there is a will, there is a way."

"direction is more important than effort."." When you are in the wrong direction, persistence will only make you fall more heavily."

the last few words are important. What follows is the importance of direction.

who is important? Who is important?. It’s best to find the right direction and stick to it.

but the problem has come up again.

if successful, then it can be said that the direction of the right, but also insisted on success.

if you don’t succeed, or just start, then you’re headed in the wrong direction, or you’re not going to get up, should you keep going,


if he persisted for half a day, he found that he could not succeed at all. Someone jumped out of the room at this time. You’re going in the wrong direction. Of course you should fail. You should……

if he did not support, easily give up, and then someone succeeded. Then someone will say, "you shouldn’t give up this good opportunity."……

who will be belated effort, if belated effort useful words, no others jump out themselves can be summed up very well.

has been thinking about a problem recently. Want to concentrate on doing a software out. But do not know what software, thinking for a long time, failed.

do a halfway for Wangzhuan auxiliary software, other software can simulate the manual operation, the operation data of the account registration ", etc..

stopped writing for more than a day. Because it’s a lot of trouble. It’s not just about developing trouble. What’s more, the use is also troublesome.

because the more tends to "universal" software, the more troublesome it is to operate. Users are required to set their own running rules.

if it takes a lot of time to teach users how to use tools, I don’t have to go directly to easy language development.

then shut down and thought about what software to do every day.

thought for a few days and found it was a waste of effort. The main problems are three.

1, no record. Often the idea of being rejected today will be remembered again for two days, and again take the time to deny it.

2, there is an idea will be denied to himself.

3, do not know whether the idea is feasible, whether or not to adhere to the results will be?

thought a lot, especially about the opportunities he had lost.

is not worth judging how to judge a product or website

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