is always asking the question, and many people are asking the question, and I always have this problem myself. The answers to the search are multifarious. Today I will give this final characterization, I hope useful to you.

‘s question about 64, there are many answers on the network. I looked dizzy, and literally, the more confused the more complex, the more difficult to get the answer, want to solve the problem, the door is not, so I thought of their own practice.

1, why do we attach so much importance to the status of 64? Because we see a lot of people on the Internet, what is 200064, K station, what is the sign?. So panic. To think about it, there is no cause for alarm. Absolutely unnecessary. Because it was said.

2, from my own station actually look, from the first station I started to now, collected a lot of stations, which station does not have 200064, all have. Even a good ranking of the home page file index.php appear 64, almost no 20000, this is not enough to explain the problem? Do not care about 64.

3, if you say my station has been included in the station, arranged in good, high weight, so 200064 does not matter, well, I give an example, in fact, the new station is the same. was my on-line station in July 4th, and it was collected by July 10th. The IIS log content is selected as follows:

, 2008-07-08, 06:50:02, W3SVC1352767759, 22*.24*.209.66, GET, /Default.asp – 80 –, Baiduspider+ (+ 2000 64

, 2008-07-08, 00:05:04, W3SVC1352767759, 22*.24*.209.66, HEAD, /Default.asp – 80 –, Baiduspider+ (+ 2000 0

[because the rental machine, the real server IP in Beijing, hidden IP]

is like this, a lot like that. But it was collected by July 10th. That’s fast enough. If there is a problem with 200064, then it can be included so quickly,


4, and say one of my new stations, July 15th line. By 18, a large amount of 20000 appears on the inside page, but ind>

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