April 1, 2008 was an unforgettable day for me, and I became a station master this day. The establishment of the experience here is not tired, I went straight into the topic.

I built the station on the 5 day, and then added some content. Before, I have some promotion articles in the webmaster online, according to the teachings of the predecessors to try out, but in the evening, did not see the spider trail, even in the numbers of IP and PV, is still ugly circle". That’s what I expected, rookie, and it’s nothing strange. At this point, I want admin to say – write the soft text.

I am a science student, the writing level is not high, and did not write the experience of soft language, but I still hard to write. Here again for figure wangdage AD, stationmaster net is really good, I also wrote in the soft left behind, but with no link to the natural effect as can be imagined. After the soft written, smoothly issued. Send out soft Wen less than half an hour, my small station came some IP, all from stationmaster net. This can explain at least two problems, first, I play a role in soft, and two is the webmaster network, popularity is really high. But things did not end, the second day, I opened the log to see, I did not expect Baidu’s lovely spider actually came, although not included in my small station, but this makes me see the hope. Now that it’s here, it means it smells. I just do my job – give it what it wants, and don’t fear it won’t come again.

summed up, my first soft Wen brought me what? I think it is not that poor few IP, nor is it Baidu spider. My website cuo2.cn is a broken movie, and there are few IP from the webmaster network that are interested in my website. This can be seen from the quantity of PV. The role of soft Wen, more important is to bring me experience, brought confidence. The experience that has been summed up by predecessors has been tempered and proved to be effective. As long as I can digest and absorb these experiences and apply them flexibly, it is not far from success.

finally, wish all the new people grow up quickly,

break station www.cuo2.cn

QQ 625000029

comments: This article of the original title because too colloquial, so do the appropriate modifications, please understand, read your article, thank you for your support of Admin5 station network, also want your website to do better

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