in February 2004 by the European China students founded the poor travel network, then, have a poor word pop. From the BBS to the community, from UGC to PGC, from paper to electronic reading content, poor travel experience Chinese tourism is gradually flourishing, also made a good definition for their existence.


Beijing Lang Park Vintage20 building is a poor tour of the Beijing headquarters, it is difficult to imagine now has more than 100 employees, in 2011 along with COO Cai Jinghui, only 4 employees, even though it has been founded for 7 years.

"do Chinese overseas self-help, relying on user generated content, is a poor tour location since 2004, but until 2011, its form is always the forum BBS.

QiongYou how to position

BBS electronic bulletin board system, which can provide users with information, chat, discussion and other functions. The tour originally for the user group is the overseas Chinese, post the contents, the topics discussed are related and outbound.

before 2011, this form was generated by the convergence of users’ personal interests, without generating actual business models. At that time the tourism market scale is not big, but not related to the social network, so this very popular QiongYou website is by word of mouth.

after 2011, the tour product form began to change. Cai Jinghui to show the original information through a more structured way forum, initially located in the Chinese outbound free travel guide "tour guide" also launched in the same period, but the contents of all the tips by the website editor for collecting and making, with little user relationship.

The tour guide "

" after the launch, QiongYou attempts to strengthen the promotion of SNS, within two years, traffic grew by about 4 times, registered users rose to about 3000000, over 10 million active users.

why not do domestic travel? Cai Jinghui explained QiongYou is from overseas up, and that part of the initial manufacturing needs of the population are concentrated in the outbound tourism. "QiongYou is a Chinese company, serving the chinese." Cai Jinghui says.

Before the

in 2011, some Chinese domestic travel website information release was not very good, it will lead to a large number of Chinese exit when you play, and not take domestic Raiders, but some products overseas, such as the Chinese version of the "Lonely Planet" (hereinafter referred to as LP). There is a lot of problems, because it is a travel guide Chinese version, is based on the perspective of foreigners, Americans have their play, Chinese has Chinese gameplay, so people take LP to play, it is difficult to find what you need most.

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