according to foreign media reports, China’s online recruitment market demand continued to grow recently, and online recruitment market competition has improved. More and more employers are choosing online advertising rather than traditional print advertising. It can be said that the online recruitment market is good or bad, is a barometer of the entire recruitment market. From another perspective, at a time when college students graduate employment peak, a large number of fresh talent into the job market, job demand increases, the premise is widespread in the application of online recruitment, online recruitment will inevitably bring about the growth of the market demand.

in the 08 and 09 years of economic crisis, the online recruitment industry can be said to have undergone a difficult test. The economic crisis will be down to the bottom of the global economy, China’s economic impact is very serious. The economic situation affects recruitment network operating efficiency, the economic situation is good, the demand for talent, enterprise recruitment job recruitment activities frequently, network traffic will increase, the poor economic situation, talent demand is small, enterprise recruitment job activities are few, talent recruitment website traffic will be reduced and naturally, the market share will increase or decrease due to how much traffic. Coupled with the industry competition, market price is low, individual job users for free, large and medium-sized enterprises self recruitment website and many other factors, a few years ago the recruitment market can be described as to the lowest, three giants even online recruitment industry: qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin, the British only network from released earnings report also see the economic rebound, also did not have too much profit or loss.

but this year, along with a strong rebound in the economy, there is a two-way increase in talent demand and employment demand. The pattern of an initial recruitment website, from more than 2000 a few years ago, now a large site of real operation but 100, domestic recruitment website has eliminated 90% in just a few years, the profit model is not clear, the recruitment effect is not guaranteed, this lack of visibility in the process of the development of the three mountains under the oppression of the recruitment website complete the cards at the same time, also completed the transformation of the focus of competition to recruit business philosophy, but it brings a certain growth recovery. According to iResearch analysis, China network recruitment market in recent years, the survival of the fittest, the influx of capital, advertising war, a large number of small and medium-sized recruitment website already exists. In 2009 China network recruitment market size of more than 1 billion 200 million yuan, the market situation of a situation of tripartite confrontation. The small and medium-sized recruitment website after the reshuffle, more turning to the regional market, in order to tap more user share.

whether cheap competition, or free strategy, small and medium-sized recruitment sites are not emboldened to challenge giants. Its comprehensive marketing capabilities in the face of giants is not worth mentioning. How to seize the growth momentum of online recruitment market demand and seize market resources?. As a model of the county recruitment website, Wujiang talent network ( is a good interpretation of the small and medium-sized recruitment website, focusing on market segmentation strategy. Located in the county level and below the county level to provide special recruitment services network

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