in the website construction profession, the enterprise website is different from the profession website. In fact, the industry website design is different from the enterprise website design, the industry website in creative style, the overall layout, picture integration, text sorting, spatial structure, etc., should have a tight spatial logic. For web designers, consider any details when you’re doing an industry website.

, for any web designer, there are several issues that have to be considered when doing industry websites


| website creative style

website originality is just an abstract thing, which refers to the overall visual perception of a web site as a whole. Web ideas include layout, color, fonts, browsing, and so on…. We have to do is make a website in the creative aspects of unique style according to the site location, we also want to do is to grasp in the style of unity, the unity of the style and the traditional printed publications have what distinction. All the images and text on the website of the industry website, including background colors, lines, fonts, titles and footnotes, should be unified and run throughout the station.

2, industry site LOGL settings

LOGO is the iconic graphics of an enterprise web site. Logo the most important thing is to graphically convey the site’s positioning and business philosophy, while facilitating people to identify. General web site LOGO design has the following ideas: 1, directly to the web site as LOGO. 2, according to enterprise product information design LOGO images. 3., to transmit website operators’ business philosophy, design LOGL images.

3, site layout and framework

The information content of website of

industry more than the enterprise website content, when people browse the industry, there is a flow of natural vision, for example, look at what to see what a process like this. The layout of web pages can be divided into such frameworks as national character, "T", "L", "corner" and so on, and there are many other frameworks. Website construction needs what kind of framework, according to the nature of the industry website, the most important thing is to seize the customer’s needs, grasp the site positioning, make reasonable frame layout.

4, website color

4 (1) with a color. Here is the first of a selected color, and then adjust the transparency or saturation (say, more popular is to deepen the color fades or), new colors for a web page. Such pages appear to be color unified and layered.

4 (2). Use two colors. Select a color first, then select its contrasting colors (press ctrl+shift+I in Photoshop) to make minor adjustments. The entire page is rich in color, but doesn’t cost a little.

4 (3) with a color system. To put it simply, to use a sense of color >

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