I do a period of time in the IDC industry, there are many of my clients eventually become friends with me to talk about the use of free space, then talk to me about the use of free space consequences, then in order to save expenses, and then use the free space station, the results of your hard to do for a few months the site was closed, time and energy is wasted. Also has a small part, in order to start a business study, the friend that builds a station tells me to say free space how how good, the author laughs but doesn’t speak, know that that is just the problem of time. Most people, however, still don’t use space for free. Here, the author sums up the experience of some friends and sums up the reasons why many people eventually give up free space and use the paid space.

1., a lot of free space does not support domain name binding, only to provide space providers own two or three domain name to them. For example, when I had a friend in March to start learning website, with a free 50M pure static space, the domain name is also used in their random domain, began he did not know what hao123, looked very fire, a site navigation station to do later on in that space back and forth, sleepless nights, had almost two months of human flesh to copy and paste work with the DW, to come up with a navigation station, but hard to do, to promote, finally to increase traffic to others.

2., a lot of free space is unstable, often appear web site can not open, or that kind of problem. This is a free space widespread problems, "free of good goods", then used here is still very appropriate. With the above mentioned my friend for example, hard February, human made hundreds of HTM pages, regardless of the ugly ugly, address navigation website is finally done, and I went to the Baidu AD Post Bar to their station, in addition to his own, finally have the "second party" visit, but also from the beginning of that time, the website often appear Service Unavailable not open, my friend is strange, every day less than 50 IP, you are hanging, this is what? Although the time wasted N, remove the space imposed by the advertising money is spent, insist on a chose give up. Double host finally spent 100 yuan to buy a 100M, and spent 68 dollars, bought a com to do the top-level domain, human navigation station in virtual space, also in July, he was the true one of their own on the website.

3., many free space ads are imposed, this is the most headache. I think many webmaster don’t want their station every page appear other people put advertising. Or in the free space I mentioned above it, when my friend just for it is time they just launched a free space near space, although only support static pages, but there is no advertising, but is estimated to more users, so give each free space with the ads, and they at the top of each page to own >

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