The issue of copyright on the

has not been conclusive. China has fought against piracy for many years and has failed to beat it, so it has been repeated. Because the public has these needs, the demand of the masses is not a good one. In China, the piracy market is booming and booming. Now there is a copycat version, piracy is more stately on the market.

On the issue of copyright in the Internet is not

DaoBuMing, there has been no clear provisions on copyright. Moreover, the Internet is a platform for sharing resources, and copyright issues are more difficult to solve. Webmaster news, "a beautiful woman from the Internet song 24, was sentenced to $1 million 930 thousand compensation," this kind of thing in China is very difficult to imagine. The social environment is different and the views of the same events are different. Some time ago, copyright issues on film and television works have become a hot spot, and many forums have also discussed whether video sites need to pay for copyright issues.

In the era of

network, because of the sharing of information resources, the situation of reprint and collection is very common. Few people have come up with the source of the work, an article has been turned around, and many different versions have been created. The issue of copyright has not formed a topic for discussion. But the question about the penalties for the above us women’s songs, should we take a look at


China’s legal society to improve, the legal system of the Internet has gradually improved, copying and reprinted between the network is also very common. In Chinese people do not sue officials do not study the social environment, if there is no serious violation to the interests of a party, is generally not be sued, but with the rapid development of the Internet, the rapid dissemination of information, it will not affect the interests of some people. Today, the stationmaster collects the information and does not constitute infringement, it will not affect the interests of some people, but it is possible to collect tomorrow is infringement, it is necessary to assume responsibility.

website, early collection and reprint is necessary, innovation starts from imitation, standing on other people’s achievements to develop their own web site. But after all, acquisition and plagiarism is not the right way, if the Internet to strengthen the protection of the original information, acquisition and plagiarism will become passive. Instead of spending a lot of time collecting information every day, webmasters use this time to create something original. After all, the original article is more secure, do not worry about the passive situation. Just imagine, if you have written articles by others as their signature and a link to a website published, what are you feeling? You can watch their own hard work and that you won’t cast to the wind? So, also please forgive the original mood. Therefore, the original protection of the Internet, the protection of copyright is possible, social progress, the Internet is constantly improving.

so, the dream River proposal webmaster, from now on learning original. Internet protection original, not in two days a day to start the implementation, but it must be carried out at any time in the future. Rather than passively accepting it at that time, it’s better to start learning now and become passive and active. From modifying original articles to creating original, >

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