these two years, QQ, non mainstream web sites ruthless fire, so in September last year, but also follow suit, built a QQ space module station. Buy space, registered domain name (when there is no good idea, it registered the domain name, upload programs, add articles (then elected purple field, not bad, the space is pretty stable. Domain name is also registered in purple field. It’s not just advertising for them, just telling the truth. In this way, a simple site has been built. And then to Baidu, GOOGLE to submit, and so on included. At that time, do not know what the rapid collection of methods, only to let nature take its course. After waiting for about two weeks, GOOGLE began to include; a month later, Baidu included.

at that time also don’t understand what is SEO, I don’t know to do the chain, improve their web site weight, just know add add article. This article is written in their own network, extract some. Six months down, IP steady rise, there are more than one 3000IP, PV is also nearly 20000. At this point, GG ads and some other affiliate ads like keyrun, ads8, alimama, VODone, etc.. During the period also received some union advertising costs.

in April this year, to see some online articles said, buy links to provide web site weight, so also to the A5 forum participated in a group buying. Sadly, it may be the reason for adding too many links at once. Buy a link for about a week, was GOOGLE down right, all key words are invisible. The traffic dropped from more than 4000 to more than 3000 at this time.

in July this year, Baidu began to push, first began to update the website home page snapshot is not normal. After a period of time before a few key off in front of the no trace, catching more than 1000 flow. The beginning of the August, the website (at the time, the ghost lost the title page), the website keyword also re select the directory structure also changed, because it is the site of all "refurbished" again. According to some tutorials online, I’ve made a 301 orientation. Very let people vomit blood is, the website just revised day, the previous keywords and up a part, snapshot is normal, traffic has also picked up apparently. At that time, but also self satisfied, I think a revision of traffic on the rise, as early as I know, it will be a little earlier revision. Know not yet two days, and those keywords again, snapshot is not normal. Now the site traffic is only about 400. The article’s collection speed is not as fast as before. Previously published almost two or three hours will be included, and now almost two or three days included. Now, in retrospect, I regret it. Do not know how long the site weight recovery?. Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world.

but there is no regret in the world. Failure is the mother of success, it is the right way to find the experience from failure. At this point, summed up some of the experience, first to share with you.


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