let me introduce myself first. My Chen, my chen. Very garbage name. Since the middle of September, relying on the station can not survive, and only choose to do business.

one day to see the talent market Alibaba in the company, is the name of Ma banner to fill a resume, after returning home to see the interview card for a very long time to decide to go to the interview. Because there is a sentence above: "all failures are from late start.".

went to that company (not to mention it here) and saw that the company was quite a good size, with an estimated 200 people in the office area. After the written examination, interview, training finally left, did not think too much, the company asked us to the original graduation certificate (now still seizure), household registration certificate copy, copy of ID card and a series of documents. Starting formal work this Monday.

my task is to call to find the intention of customers, before three days are bad client (hit N years are not do), let them join the Alibaba through good faith, then we would think that honesty should be good. One day to play 100 phone (effectively communicate with customers for more than 1 minutes later, the customer) to our own to find customers, mainly use Baidu Search, we find some customers are basically old employees who played the so-called N times customers now have a week, for at least ten hours every day. Every day, the phone can not be less than 8 hours, the customer data to find their own time to find. Now many companies hear Alibaba call, hang up, fierce will curse

is Ma is so quanqian? Through a series of formal non formal means to make those customers part of which is not very willing to pay 2800 yuan. Today is a holiday but also should not have a holiday tomorrow, the most I sleep 5 hours a day and night now that daydream is honesty. Now nothing has been settled.

, is this the legendary Ma culture?


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