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in the planning and development of the website column, as the days after the operation, I think it is very necessary to consider this problem — construction site environment.

and, if someone asked me, what is the first step of website operation, I will tell him very firmly: don’t do the promotion, the first good internal strength, their website environment according to your business idea direction to tidy up.

generally speaking, the environment of the website is the atmosphere of the website.

is in the future to the site has all the business to sharpen the knife, you can say that sharpening does not cut wood work. A good site environment, can play a role, I am afraid that far more important than the surface of the important.

which is the site of the power of the environment, beyond the page, function, technology, service, in this environment, I can even stand on other websites cannot tolerate errors and inconvenience. Because a lot of people, the love is the environment here, but also love the environment of people and things.

the most valuable hotel is not a variety of color, fragrance and beauty of the hotel, but let you stay in a certain environment of the hotel, a few private dishes in Beijing, a small courtyard, a few old table, but the daughter is hard to get a meal.

is the most successful businessman is not prominent businessman earning large quantities of gold each day, but to create a recognized business environment of Shanxi businessmen, Qiao Zhiyong as one of the most successful businessmen, is to create a land of wealth, the goods through the world business environment.

most classic music is not gorgeous lyrics difficult tune, but can let you melt as to music atmosphere, the blue note in The Danube, quietly flowing is the river Danube quiet and beautiful, let everyone feel like one.

so, the most outstanding website, is not the most powerful technology, the most comprehensive function, application of the most thoughtful, the most beautiful pages, but users create an acceptable network environment and the function of the environment because the user has left.

so, what about building your own web site,


this is actually a website administrator’s operational awareness of the problem, different people have different ways, I can provide you with my personal point of principle:

1, do not think of yourself as a businessman, but as a user first.

2, see the real power from the small place, small place to consider, even often see ordinary text.

3, consider and personally understand your website’s target population and what social environment you like to live in.

4, try using the simplest words about what the site is like, convince yourself and the team, and work around the atmosphere.

5, don’t rush to tell others how good your business is

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