as a webmaster, especially as a female webmaster, do stand in a profound experience, in recent years has been struggling to run my website, the website with all my efforts, although this way sometimes feel very painful, because I was a girl. 80 girls, girls all love makeup, beauty, love shopping, but these to me is a luxury, in front of the computer for a day, I count, my online time per day on average in about 16-17 hours, sit to neck pain, sometimes feel only one where:

heart movement!

I put all the girls can enjoy these I had only changed on the website, and the website to share the fun, my "Youth" really spread in this industry of Internet, but I have no regrets, because of these, all of these now have been returned, bitter is a short that happiness is a permanent


3 years ago, I was a student just graduated from college, I majored in marketing, contact at the university is just basic computer course, after graduation, and peers facing the pressure of finding a job, the chance for me to contact the Internet in the ocean, I will be destined. Exploration Gunpa in this industry………

The first

contact is an entertainment website, then to still do stand mood feeling now, happy every day, my happiness is not my own station how much how much traffic, I am glad I have your website, I regard it as a I work to seriously do the station in just 3 months, the station was operating every day to flow over 20 thousand, 1 years later, the site is profitable to let me have the capital in a new city to buy a new house of their own, I thank this website to let me stop the Internet industry, I firmly persist in this industry by faith! My first website I summed up: focus, with no desire to do something sometimes may get unexpected results!

contact second sites, is now the demon book site I put this site located in the novel website, novel website now is beyond count, because everyone is doing, then I choose to follow the "trend", I believe that competition is the driving force. I follow you novel website, is not to say that I deliberately imitate you, the ultimate goal is to think beyond, first I have to transcend their psychological barriers beyond the opponent, everyone who knows that imitation is not the purpose, not the direction of development, there is a saying: believe in yourself, is the best!

on the site, I don’t have enough design technology, have strong advantages than others, I can do, is to concentrate on operations, the establishment of a station is very easy, choose the theme of the site, select name, domain name registration, the HTML does not even know people on the Internet to find a whole station system. The change of logo and title, the website can touch, but.

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