Abstract: a fresh founder Xu Han made no secret of his accustomed to the Internet circle than shouting, than subsidies, than the concept of ethos of disgust, he believed that the subsidy is moved, can stay true value.

if you didn’t experience it and just sit in on it, maybe it wasn’t a sexy story.

Xu Xu is a fruit electricity supplier, saying it is the electricity supplier, but it sounds like his business is simple and boring – just selling fruit this thing. Neither the first in Asia, such as Jingdong as spectacular storage base, also does not have the cold chain logistics system heavily built, even in many areas has already become the thing O2O standard "door-to-door service" is not to do a bit of fresh, it is a "high" requirements of users every day must be cold in the morning before ordering at noon after the user is permitted to run to the store from mentioning the fruit, and 48 hours not to mention a waiver. They never engage in crazy subsidies, nor advertising, in the capital has been heavily into the fresh electricity supplier market is particularly unique.

The presence of

in the fresh this hard nut to crack, the $100 million Angel round of financing HUAWEI glory before President Liu Jiangfeng; after the Jingdong $70 million investment led every orchard, there is elaborate Amazon fresh wind Pavilion, preferably. When the capital bricks thrown everywhere, subsidies and red everywhere when the fresh Xu does not spend "Internet Co" how to look a bit like adults in Gulliver’s entry, as free in the impassioned "mainstream" Internet world, and those who will be out of the Internet revolution under the line of fruit it seems destined to stand, in this drama only Dangdang supporting.

however, when the car door, many areas of service has already been "Internet thinking" subsidy war to fight armed bloody, a fresh but with just nine months from the university campus starting from zero, the rapid expansion of the 66 line stores, single month sales exceeded 1000 million fruit, banana and other sub category in Philippines a fresh has become Beijing’s largest retailer; moreover, this does not play the subsidies, do not advertise "alien" to do the fruit retail price below the market average of 30%, but also to ensure their own 1% to 2% of the net profit – though not willing to be posted on the Internet thinking a fresh label, in fact has achieved exponential growth in Internet companies who can see.


Xu Xu now how much fire, when you go to Beijing University in a circle, will feel one or two.

May 19th 1, China University of Mining and Technology, a fresh fruit shop lined up more than ten meters long, friends @ 0311 Tokgo smile snow photographed using a mobile phone in front of the screen, and share to micro-blog: "before 12 a.m. saw team 100 meters long…… "


the same day, >

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