recently because of busy, and not very good communication with everyone. Today, standing in a row of QQ group, there is a friend looking for guardian chat, talking about he was doing 6 years of webmaster, unfortunately, now nothing, ask me as a webmaster in the end what is needed, what is missing?

do not know now how the data is, in 2010 monthly income of less than 1000 of the webmaster friends at least not less than 50%, many of my friends are looking for reasons, why can not successfully operate the site, can not be profitable. The Internet has also risen over the length of the article, Adsense how to achieve profitability, Adsense how to make money?. For these, the guardian does not want to talk too much, we have no one thought why they can not achieve profitability,


today’s Internet giants, they were also just a webmaster, just a small team, why they can succeed?. According to the views of people on the network, basically can be divided into the following three points: no technology, no funds, no team.

1: no technology is the pain in everyone’s heart.

because most of the webmaster friends are interested because of reasons such as to this industry, so basically there are few Coban born webmaster, however do really need so much technology? The guardian that does not need to open source technology, now is not wrong, you can use free of charge, problems can also direct go to the official forum to ask questions, so the technology is not the problem.

two: no funds are the reasons for the development of the site can not go on.

has some webmaster friends that no money is not good website development, here the guardian to ask, how many websites or personal webmaster have the funds in the pre? Tencent because of funding problems almost sold QQ, is the first NetEase to borrow 500 thousand funds established. So no money is no excuse.

three: no team is the foundation of website operation failure.

for most webmaster friends, we are program, art, editor, promotion staff, because everything is close to parents, and naturally do not comprehensive. Zhu Geliang’s ability to put aside three, everything is hands-on, Wuhu went extinct after shu. The reason is self-evident, we need is a team, we play their own advantages, as a webmaster, we are just a manager, an advocate, the team is fundamental.


website is not a lack of technology, not because of lack of funds, lack of the team, but the team will succeed? The answer is negative, the team is missing, what is the lack of the


webmaster friends read. What is the sword, the most important is the soul of the team. As web site operators, as the leader of the website operation, we are missing is the soul, did not form a own unique style, most of the owners do not have the ability of innovation, to find out what money blindly.

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