I’m a real farmer. I grew up in the countryside, and my children have seen their bitterness. In order to support their families, they are under great pressure, but they don’t cry. Regardless of the heat, cold, throughout the year are busy in the ground, never say tired out.

remembers that when children were young, the parents got up early and went to work in the fields. Every day, when the stars lit up the earth, they came home. After dinner, it was midnight. At that time, the village people often say: the morning meal (Oriental milt is dawn, is not very bright). Eat at noon, the sun crooked, night dinner, chicken does not call the dog, do not bite. So, how hard is the farmer’s life?.

now, with the development of science, farmers gradually have some leisure time, and they are no longer so bitter. But compared to other industries, they still have a place in the tough industry.

is not afraid of tired dirty spots at all, people can afford, is looking at their hard busy to finally sell, staring rotten slowly looked at hard-earned fruits, is still out. This is the most uncomfortable time for them.

the network is more developed now. As a farmer, I want to do something about farmers. I’m a girl. Do I have too many cultures? I just heard of computers when I was in school, but I haven’t seen them. I just heard about them. For a variety of reasons, I only go to junior high school graduation, not read. But I always want to learn how to do something about computers, and this desire won’t be realized until after marriage. Husband is doing interior design, for the network also know how much. We’re both farmers, so we want to do something. When working outside, the popularity of the Internet also has no small impact on us. He said the agricultural station is not many, we also do what an agricultural site? Television is not also started to pay attention to peasants’ life? How many times we do agricultural website again, the site is learning by doing! If you can do well, of course, you can’t do it well. When you smoke, drink and spend money this year!

so we began to wonder what farmers website, net, information net and so on, just do not know better of the name, but also the first letter of the direct use of Chinese characters, but one thought, in the majority of farmers, have knowledge only know more young, the older word line, English not so, ultimately choose the Chinese characters, he said, you see, we want to do an agricultural station, and want to do a full, like learning and query information of all, and is aimed at national, China peasant information called what? It’s like a small port of massive information. What about the registered web site called www.cnnm8.cn?. I said yes, the combination of Chinese and western, so call it.


site has more than a year for almost two years, I from the network but also to some strange fur things now what a little to say, he is the main every day people browse, the sense of achievement is at the end of last year, traffic actually reached more than 4000. "

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