as the Internet bandwidth continues to increase, China’s visit to the U. S. web site is almost as fast as in the country, which makes it increasingly widely accepted and used by overseas hosts such as the United states.

but at home, all American host introduced complicated and confusing, and American Data Center ( as the first domestic purchasing platform to host the United States company has the obligation to seek overseas U.S. space for domestic owners eager to detail the American virtual host introduced and compared.

general features of American space:

1, host and domain name matching.

American virtual hosts generally send free domain names. You can always use the domain name for free as long as you have been using their hosts. If the host does not renew the domain name, can also be transferred to domestic registrars. In so doing, whether for the station of the enterprise or personal webmaster, it is very convenient, because the host and domain name matching, for the webmaster save a lot of time and money, don’t have to choose to buy separately. Convenient management.

2, the U.S. virtual hosting generally has a high capacity.

, for example, many mainstream virtual hosts in the United States are more than 100G, you can build more than N stations. Why is such a big capacity price is so low, the United States host purchasing network analysis, first, the United States IDC market is very developed, the cost is really low. In addition, the United States hosting business although known to give you so much space, but the vast majority of users at most use a few G, so they do not matter to the high capacity, anyway you can not use so much.

we recommend to the Chinese Adsense the United States host business mainly has the following:

A Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar, Godaddy also offers Linux host Windows host VPS and host host, independent line of products, all kinds of needs of customers can find their products here.

features: windows/linux system free switching, support ASP, PHP, jsp. Speed, ip free, free replacement.

B.HostMostre’s virtual host is known for its stability, low price and friendliness to Chinese customers. It is the preferred host of domestic and foreign trade companies and individuals.

features: support for the Chinese control panel, domestic access is very fast, and support the establishment of unlimited sites. You can customize the.Htaccess file

, the US data center (, now has summer promotions:

Godaddy space, 150G+ssl certificate + independent ip+1 domain name is only 399 yuan, unlimited!

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