attention in this group for a long time, also want to join, there is no way, and can not find a suitable type. What is found, and that is not perfect, for a long time, the image of the king said do not have to put all the materials ready to do, you can learn by doing.

I have been engaged in traditional industries, may I is relatively backward, the recent two years on network, but I have a few ideas to make money online, I think that creativity is divided into two kinds, one is a lot of people think, but after investigation and verification, that is not feasible and no value. So we have to do, the other is indeed feasible, the key is how to implement, through investigation and analysis and demonstration, I think it is feasible, but I do not understand technology, there is no way to practice, around did not have the experience of a friend, in the online posting, money seeking creative cooperation, a lot of people contact me, I and one of a most for a long time, can also be the beginning until completion of the site to make money, he would ignore me, because we are not in the same place, you Forget it。 The station also can not earn what money, I just try each other’s integrity, and the question is: how to find the people behind the creative, because creativity is very simple, almost say that someone would understand, when he and I finished, my value is very small, if there is no way he technology, completely I can be thrown aside, I want to learn technology, but to my foundation, for several years, because not only is the important production sites, hacker attacks, when there is a new model to make money, a lot of people immediately follow suit, such as a few years ago the lattice, now, all of a sudden the number following the lattice, of course, the earliest to make the most money, if my site has security vulnerabilities, I had a black website, I became the pioneer of the martyrs, he became the leader in the field. And these knowledge is not a short time can learn, and if the time is long, will certainly be found here can make money, the Internet can be too many people.

here to ask you, I now how to do it, how pioneers do not become martyrs?

also said you can have what idea, but behind closed doors, I could only use action to answer. When it comes to creativity, will have to mention the Jason Jiang and his focus, in fact, a lot of people know, the first thought of advertising in the elevator is not him, but a lift, but the lift is not strong capital, strong execution, even if the argument of this creative opportunities are not feasible, is worth millions in almost Jiangnanchun all the investment funds, but also see the end of improvement, such as not to be heard on the opposite side of the bathroom Softbank would not have today’s Jiangnanchun focus. Of course, even when spring fall, days after will Zhang Nanchun, Wang Nanchun to do building advertising, here is the money market. And all this for the lift and what does it mean, helplessness and sadness of the grassroots. If you are in the elevator, you will want to do, how to do? Of course, I do not invest, and is able to return soon.


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