Jesse Clarke laid to rest

Jesse Clarke was laid to rest surrounded by family and friends dressed in his favourite colours. To his girlfriend, Miranda, he was the kind of guy who would make a day like this more bearable.“He could make you laugh during the hardest times. he could probably make me laugh right now,” says Gibbons.Hundreds gathered to honour him, many of them spilling down the walkway of an already packed funeral home.At the request of Jesse’s dad, the pastor, a former gang member himself, urged everyone to let go of the violence that took his son’s life.“I want to challenge every single person in this room to live better than you’ve ever lived before. not just for Jesse, but for the good of your own lives,” said pastor Ace Clarke.His words were echoed throughout the day in hopes Jesse’s death will be a lasting lesson.“Let the police do what they’re going to do and let justice take its place, says Melissa Mercuri, a family friend. “Not another life needs to be gone.”Too emotional to speak at the funeral, his parents said a final goodbye to their son with a drum circle. Dozens of his friends and classmates also marched to the park where he loved to skateboard. “Everybody misses him and it’s unbelievable how people can do this for one person,” said Gibbons.“It’s definitely touching to see them all put their differences aside, whether they were on one side or the other and come together just for jesse today,” says Mercuri. read more

Annan dismayed at armed attacks on President of Central African Republic

“The Secretary-General condemns any attempt to overthrow an elected government by force,” a spokesman for Mr. Annan said in a statement issued Monday following attacks led by armed elements in the capital, Bangui, against the residence of President Ange-Felix Patassé and the country’s National Radio. On Tuesday, the situation in Bangui was reported to be calm but volatile, with some gunfire.Mr. Annan called on all Central Africans, especially political and other leaders, to respect the democratic institutions of the country and to favour dialogue, the spokesman said. Earlier this year, the Secretary-General warned in a report to the Security Council that the Central African Republic was gripped by political crisis, mired in social tension and underpinned by a fragile economy. The 11 January report blamed the crisis in part on the opposition’s attempt “by every possible means to seize the power that it was unable to win through the ballot box.” read more

Annan proposes setting up new UN mission in Afghanistan

Aiming to fully harness United Nations efforts in support of political stability and recovery in Afghanistan, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has proposed setting up a new UN mission for the country, according to a report released today in New York. “Afghanistan is a shattered society,” the Secretary-General writes in his report to the General Assembly and the Security Council, noting that it will take “much more than 36 months to heal the wounds left by 23 years of war.” He calls for sustained international efforts to help Afghanistan, which “now has the chance at least to be a country at peace with its neighbours and itself.” If established by the Security Council, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) would fulfil all tasks – including those related to human rights, the rule of law, and gender issues – that were entrusted to the UN under last year’s Bonn Agreement, which paved the way for the country’s political transition. The mission would also promote national reconciliation throughout the country, while managing all UN humanitarian activities there in coordination with the Afghan Interim Authority and successor administrations. In an effort to ensure that Afghans themselves benefit most from the international presence, the Secretary-General stresses that UNAMA should employ as many local staff as possible, “thereby leaving a light expatriate ‘footprint.’” The proposed mission, to be headed by Lakhdar Brahimi, Mr. Annan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, would be comprised of two “pillars:” one for political affairs, and the other for relief, recovery and reconstruction. Both pillars will coordinate their work to ensure it is mutually reinforcing, according to the report. Concerning political developments in the country, the Secretary-General notes the importance of the upcoming Emergency Loya Jirga, and urges Afghan leaders to recognize that dialogue and compromise with political rivals depends not on international financial assistance, but on the will and courage to transcend ethnic and regional parochialism in favour of national unity and lasting peace.Stressing the importance of security in protecting the peace process, the Secretary-General says “speed is of the essence” in deciding what form of security assistance the Security Council and Member States will provide to Afghanistan in its hour of need. The Council is scheduled to hold a public meeting on Afghanistan next Tuesday, and its members will discuss the Secretary-General’s report in closed consultations on Wednesday. read more

UN agency reports fresh violence against indigenous communities in Colombia

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) promised to step up its activities in the region to improve protection for Embera-Catío ethnic group.The inhabitants of Las Playas in the Urabá region are extremely frightened and are considering fleeing to the town of Apartadó following the murder of three of their leaders last week, reportedly by machete-wielding assailants, UNHCR spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis told a news briefing in Geneva.Fear is also spreading to other indigenous communities in the Urabá region, she said. Guerrilla groups opposed to the Government are known to operate in the zone. A UNHCR team, which trekked through the jungle on foot to visit Las Playas on Friday after receiving reports that the three leaders had been killed last week, quoted witnesses as saying armed men entered the settlement of some 300 on 6 December and asked for the three by name. “They then took them to a riverbank and brutally murdered them with machetes,” Ms. Pagonis said. Before leaving the village, they threatened to return. The community had not received any specific threats from any armed group before. UNHCR’s representative in Colombia, Roberto Meier, pledged that the agency would step up its activities and visits to Las Playas, security permitting, to improve protection for the community. Government officials, including from the offices of the ombudsman, mayor and general prosecutor, as well as the police and the army have also visited the community following the killings. Overall, UNHCR is working to help the Government respond to the needs of some 2 million displaced people. This includes supporting displaced and at-risk communities, particularly Afro-Colombian and indigenous groups who are often disproportionately affected by the conflict. read more

Toronto leads economic growth of Canadian cities on manufacturing sector condos

Toronto leads economic growth of Canadian cities on manufacturing sector, condos TORONTO – Toronto ranked as the fastest growing economy in the country last year, but a new study from CIBC suggests Canada’s biggest city will be hard pressed to maintain that growth trajectory.The report on the economic strength of major Canadian cities, released Thursday, found Toronto ranked tops amongst its peers in the first nine months of 2012, helped by a recovery in the manufacturing sector and a surge in condo sales.But those two factors could also be significant pressures on future growth in 2013.“The coming year… will pose a major challenge to the city’s ability to maintain its current economic momentum,” said Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist at the bank.Tal said several factors could pressure Toronto’s growth, including a softening housing market, the end of many infrastructure stimulus projects by both federal and provincial governments and a slower pace of growth in the manufacturing sector.Toronto has held the peak position in the CIBC report for two years.The city’s growth momentum is partly from its broad economy, which covers many sectors, Tal said.“Given that our index measures momentum as opposed to a level of activity, Toronto’s ability to maintain momentum for such a long period is impressive,” he added.Second place was Calgary, boosted by new residents to the city and its healthy jobs market. The report found that consumer spending in Calgary has been strong, with retail sales up nine per cent over the past year.Regina came in third place, driven by very strong population growth that makes it the fourth fastest growing city in the country with one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates.“The city’s robust population growth has spurred housing market activity, with housing starts rising by a strong 80 per cent year-over-year in the third quarter,” Tal said.“Regina is also supported by an improving manufacturing sector, with activity in 2012 estimated to outpace the national average for the second year in a row.”Ranked lower on the list were Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Edmonton, coming in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.Ottawa came in seventh while Quebec was 11th place for economic growth. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Canadian Press Posted Jan 3, 2013 6:23 pm MDT read more

UConn And Gonzaga Are Very Different Kinds of NCAA Favorites

More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Embed Code Welcome to the latest episode of Hot Takedown, FiveThirtyEight’s sports podcast. On this week’s show (Mar. 28, 2017), we preview the Final Four in the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments. Next, is Colin Kaepernick being blackballed by the NFL? We investigate. Finally, we preview the American League and ponder who might take down the Red Sox, Indians and Astros. Plus, a significant digit on the Oakland Raiders’ upcoming move to Las Vegas.As promised, a photographic throwback to Kate Fagan’s days as a professional basketball player for the Colorado Chill.In the aftermath of the latest round of the men’s NCAA tournament, Neil explained why this year’s Final Four is built on defense.ESPN notes that the men’s Final Four is full of unfamiliar faces this year.FiveThirtyEight’s Benjamin Morris says UConn’s path to perfection has become much easier.ESPN’s Dan Graziano argues that no matter which side of the Colin Kaepernick debate you’re on, you’re wrong.Check out FiveThirtyEight’s chats previewing the AL East, AL Central and AL West.Significant Digit: $750 million, the public subsidy that was offered to the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas. According to The New York Times, Las Vegas politicians raised taxes to supply this new funding. FiveThirtyEight read more

Injuries And Underperformance Couldnt Keep The Dodgers Down

The central player in that turnaround story has been Kenley Jansen, the Dodgers’ star closer who for the early part of the season looked like anything but. Jansen made just five spring training appearances, slowed by a hamstring injury, and his early season numbers were the kind that might make Dodger fans wish he’d stayed on the DL. Since May 16, he’s been lights out: His 1.06 ERA is by four-tenths of a run the best in the game among relievers with at least as many innings.That improvement has probably helped drive a significant increase in the Dodgers’ success in one-run games after May 16 — 6-3, compared with 4-7 up to that date — which has helped bring L.A.’s actual winning percentage (.521) somewhat more in line with its higher-order winning percentages, which strip out the effects of sequencing and luck often manifested in bullpen meltdowns.In a sense, none of this is particularly surprising stuff. The Dodgers had a spate of injuries and underperformance early in the season that would sink most clubs, and they still managed to win nearly 40 percent of their games. Now that their bullpen has regained its elite status, their hitters have started hitting for power again (their 35 home runs so far in June are the most in baseball), and their starting pitchers have started to return to the rotation, the Dodgers look more like the club everyone expected them to be early on — and perhaps always were.Every good team has bad months, after all. Even the 104-win Dodgers of last season had a 25-game stretch in which they went 5-20, at one point losing 11 straight. It’s just that this year’s Dodger slump came at the beginning of the season, when nobody had banked wins to fall back on and every sportswriter in America was looking for a narrative to focus on. The simple and boring story here is probably that the Dodgers weren’t bad at the beginning of this year — they were just unlucky.It’s now almost July, and the Dodgers’ bad luck appears to be over. They’re heating up just in time for the official start of summer, and in no mood to concede a division title that’s been theirs since before Max Muncy was a glimmer in Dave Roberts’ eye. The early part of the season may have felt like going through hell for Dodgers, but they’ve played themselves out of it.Check out our latest MLB predictions. In retrospect, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 6-5 loss to the Miami Marlins on May 16 was probably the low point of their 2018 season. It was the Dodgers’ sixth consecutive defeat and their ninth in 10; it dropped their overall record to 16-26, then only the fourth-best in their division; and it brought their playoff odds to a season low of 22 percent.For a team that had won 473 regular-season games over the previous five seasons (the most in baseball during that period), came within a game of winning the World Series last year and was expected to waltz to a sixth consecutive division crown this year, the season’s ugly start was hard to understand or explain. After that loss to the Marlins, L.A. manager Dave Roberts could only reach for Winston Churchill. “When you’re going through hell,” he told the L.A. Times, “keep going.”Roberts and his team did exactly that. Beginning with a convincing 7-0 win the next day against the same Marlins club that had just beaten them in two straight, the Dodgers promptly rattled off a streak of 22 wins against just nine losses, through games played on June 20, and increased their playoff chances by 37 percentage points — an improvement bested only by the Seattle Mariners over that period.The team has improved its hitting since May 16, driving its overall weighted runs created plus (wRC+), a catchall offensive statistic, from 94 before that date — meaning the team was 6 percent below league average offensively, on the whole — to 117 since then. L.A. has benefited from a standout performance by the pleasantly alliterative Max Muncy, whose 13 home runs and 163 wRC+ on the season lead the team. It hasn’t hurt, either, that Joc Pederson seems to have recovered from an early season slump and is now contributing as expected.The starting pitching, meanwhile, has held serve, moving from a 3.37 mark in fielding-independent pitching (FIP)1FIP is a measure of pitching performance scaled to ERA that strips out the contributions of team defense. before their recent surge to 3.29 since it began. Even that small improvement was far from a given, of course, because injuries to an astonishing number of Dodger starting pitchers — at least five, depending on how you count it, including the best pitcher in the world in Clayton Kershaw — left the Los Angeles rotation to be held together by a combination of (Alex) Wood and duct tape.But the real heroes of L.A.’s recent surge — and, to be fair, also some of the key contributors to the team’s early season struggles — have been the men of the Los Angeles bullpen, who have curbed a worrying early season tendency toward allowing home runs, especially late in games, and collectively improved their FIP from 4.40 before the surge (26th in baseball) to 3.17 after it (sixth). read more

Commentary Ohio State mens basketball will need help of Amir Williams to

When Ohio State men’s basketball coach Thad Matta started sophomore Amir Williams at center against Chicago State Dec. 29, it might have raised some eyebrows. After all, it was the first time all season Matta had made a change to the starting lineup. But when the starters were introduced Wednesday night for OSU’s Big Ten opener against Nebraska, and Williams was still one of them, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Against the likes of Winthrop and UNC-Asheville, Matta favored the steady, yet generally unspectacular play of senior forward Evan Ravenel. But in losses to No. 1 Duke and No. 6 Kansas, Williams received more playing time than any other OSU big man. If the Buckeyes are to accomplish their goal of a Big Ten championship and a deep NCAA tournament run, they will need to beat teams with the size and talent of Kansas or Duke. And to do so, they will need Williams to play often, and play well. “It’s just been great to have a center,” said junior point guard Aaron Craft of Williams’ emergence in the starting lineup. “We haven’t had one in a couple of years.” Craft’s comment came off as a bit of a joke, likely a chance to poke fun at a teammate who’s in the limelight for the first time of his collegiate career. But it also cut to a hard truth; though Williams has been a member of the Buckeyes for two seasons, his inconsistent and sometimes soft play had left OSU without a center. Coming out of Detroit Country Day School in Birmingham, Mich., Williams was ranked by ESPN as a four-star prospect and the fourth best center in the class of 2011. As a freshman, Williams showed that the high-ranking might have been based heavily on unrealized potential, as he displayed an extremely unpolished game in limited action. This season, Williams has started to scratch the surface of his potential. He still makes mistakes-against Nebraska he whiffed on the opening tip, air-balled a shot in the post and allowed his man to drive for a couple of easy scores-but his numbers are up across the board. This is in part a product of receiving more playing time, but also likely an indication that he’s more comfortable on the court this year. “He’s just been playing great,” Craft said. “I think he’s doing a great job coming in and understanding how he can affect the game, and not stepping out of that.” Most importantly, Williams is thriving as a defensive anchor. Against Nebraska, the 6-foot-11 center blocked four shots, altered many more, and was a key factor in holding the Cornhuskers to just 30.4 percent shooting. “I thought they did a good job with their interior defense,” said Nebraska coach Tim Miles. “We were, what, 11-for-35 on 2s? That’s just ineffective basketball. We couldn’t get (our big men) going inside the paint, and that hurt us.” Nebraska, though, is hardly one of the best teams in the Big Ten. In fact, they might be one of the worst. The conference’s most likely contenders-namely Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State and Minnesota-all feature players that can score in the post. OSU’s success against the league’s elite hinges upon Williams’ ability to do what he does best. “(He needs to be) blocking shots, altering shots, (getting) offensive rebounds, put-backs,” Craft said. “It’s the little things that end up being big in big games, especially in the Big Ten.” Williams said he’s up for the challenge. “I’m definitely looking forward to it,” Williams said. “Every team in the Big Ten has that one center that can score the ball or run the court. I have total confidence within myself, I can matchup with anybody in the Big Ten.” read more

VIDEO Find out why Nenadic muss bleiben

German Fuchse Berlin made the biggest success in the history by winning the EHF Cup this season at the end of Dagur Sigurdsson era in the club. One of the biggest star of the team was Serbian playmaker Petar Nenadic, for whom club already stated that won’t stay among “Foxes” in the next season.Meanwhile, good performance of former Barcelona, Holstebro, PICK Szeged, Wisla Plock, Crvena zvezda and Algeciras member, changed the opinion of the No.1 person in Berlin, club’s manager Bob Hanning, who now talking about the “financial demands” as the primary problem in a try to keep Nenadic in the team.Fans already said “Nenadic muss bleiben” (Nenadic must stay) and if you see his few actions against SG Magdeburg, you will find out why… Fuchsee BerlinPetar Nenadic ← Previous Story RK Vardar Skopje win 9th Macedonian title! Next Story → KIF Kolding Kobenhavn win 14th Danish Championship title! read more

Arthur Sinodinos takes centre stage again

first_imgArthur Sinodinos, a strong contender for the next president of the NSW Liberal Party, is finally coming out into the limelight in his own right after a decade-long tenure as a strong, yet low-key figure as John Howard’s chief of staff. The former Prime Minister’s conservative, white-collar background may be a world away from his Greek-migrant, working-class roots, nevertheless the pair forged a strong bond and Sinodinos settled in comfortably into the political realm. His strong relationship with John Howard was evident in descriptions of him in Howard’s autobiography, Lazarus Rising. Mr Sinodinos was described in the book as “universally respected by [Mr Howard’s] staff and my parliamentary colleagues” as well as a “gifted economist”. Since leaving Canberra four years ago, Sinodinos has become a prominent figure in the corporate circuit, providing insider insight on national politics and public policy. Sinodinos has also been a columnist for The Australian and for the past two years, the NSW division’s financial director. Disappointment over the NSW state election outcome in March led Liberal leader Tony Abbott to push for the removal of the then president Natasha Mclaren-Jones. However this was rejected by the new Premier Barry O’Farell on grounds the move would stir up tensions in the party. Mclaren-Jones has since been elected into state parliament, paving the way for Sinodinos to make his bid for party presidency. Factional confidence for Sinodinos to take the reins continues to be strong, with fellow Liberals citing Sinodinos’ experience as chief of staff and financial expertise as some of his strongest selling-points. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Prosecutors still mulling charges in cat shooting case

first_imgNearly two months have passed since three teenagers were accused of shooting more than 100 cats, and prosecutors are still undecided on whether to try them as adults.Defense attorneys for Mitchell Kangas, 16, and Jaren Koistinen, 16, both of Battle Ground, and Riley Munger, 17, of La Center told a judge Tuesday morning that they are continuing discussions with prosecutors on the case.The three were set to be arraigned Tuesday morning, but they agreed to postpone the hearing — again — to give prosecutors more time to make a decision. Arraignment was postponed once in June.Clark County Superior Court Judge Rich Melnick set a new arraignment date of Aug. 16.Prosecutors are deciding whether to charge the teens with drive-by shooting, a crime that means they would have to be tried as adults under Washington law. Prosecutors also are considering lesser charges of animal cruelty and unlawful discharge of a firearm, which would mean they would be tried as juveniles.Defense attorneys are trying to persuade the prosecutors to try the teens as juveniles.Deputy Prosecutor Kasey Vu said Tuesday that one of the reasons for the delay is that the investigation is still ongoing and extensive, considering the large number of victims and number of defendants.last_img read more

Search underway for 2 in SW MiamiDade SUV breakin

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police are seeking the public’s help in locating two men who, they said, are behind at least one in a series of vehicle break-ins in a Southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood.Surveillance video captured the pair breaking into an SUV parked outside a home in the area of Southwest 30th Street and 139th Avenue, Friday, at around 3:20 a.m. The footage captures the thieves rummaging through the vehicle and stealing items.Police said this is one of several cars that have recently been targeted in this same neighborhood.If you recognize the men in the video, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Ferdousi Priyabhashini laid to rest

first_imgPeople from all walks of life pay their last respects to noted sculptor and freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyabhashini at the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka on Thursday. Photo: Syful Islam/Prothom AloNoted sculptor and freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyabhashini, who died at Labaid Hospital on Tuesday, was laid to eternal rest in the capital on Thursday afternoon.She was buried beside the grave of “Shaheed Janani” Jahanara Imam at Mirpur Martyred Intellectuals Graveyard around 3:00pm, reports UNB.Earlier, people from all walks of life paid their last tributes to the noted sculptor at the Central Shaheed Minar.Priyabhasini was given a guard of honour at the central Shaheed Minar premises when her body was taken there around 11:00am. Her body was kept there for one and a half hours so that people can pay their tributes to the eminent sculptor.Artistes, political leaders and activists of different socio-cultural organisations converged on the area to say goodbye to Priyabhashini.Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader placed a wreath on her coffin.“She had sacrificed a lot as a freedom fighter, she is a bright example for the new generation. Her sculptures added new dimensions to art,” Quader said while talking to reporters after placing the wreath.Information minister Hasanul Haque Inu said, “She was an example of courage for the women who are struggling in the society in different sectors. She used to raise her voice about women’s rights.”People from all walks of life pay their last respects to noted sculptor and freedom fighter Ferdousi Priyabhashini at the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka on Thursday. Photo: Syful Islam/Prothom AloHer daughters- Fuleshwari Prionandini, Rotneshwari Priyadarshini and two sons- Karu Titas and Kazi Shaker Turjo were present at tributes paying ceremony.Fuleshwari, daughter of Priyabhashini, said her mother had struggled throughout her life. “It is our pride that our mother’s last address will be beside Jahanara Imam.”Her namaz-e-janaza was held at Dhaka University’s central mosque after Zohr prayers.Ferdousi Priyabhashini, who had been suffering from multiple health complications, breathed her last at Labaid Hospital in the city on Tuesday.last_img read more

How Did Harvey Compare To Researchers WorstCase Scenario Storm

first_img Share Harvey’s flooding and destruction might have felt like the worst-case scenario for Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. But was it?You might recall last Halloween, fittingly, we brought you the story of Hurricane Isaiah, a very fictional storm. It was a computer model researchers were using to examine how the worst-case scenario storm would affect Greater Houston. So we thought we’d bring one of the researchers back to compare Harvey to Isaiah and to determine what lessons they learned from the real thing.Jim Blackburn of Rice University’s SSPEED Center joins us. That stands for Severe Storm Prediction, Education, and Evacuation from Disasters.last_img read more

Colins AFCNFC Championship Game Blazin 5 Prediction Podcast

first_imgIt’s time for Colin’s AFC/NFC Championship Weekend Blazin’ 5 Prediction Podcast, and his weekly sit down with RJ Bell from to see where there’s agreement and disagreement from the Vegas wiseguys on his AFC and NFC Championship Game Picks.Colin went 2-2 with his Divisional Round picks – the Texans and Chiefs fell victim to two bad beat, back door covers. This weekend, he’s going against his normal philosophy and taking Atlanta and New England laying points as decided home favorites.Here are Colin’s AFC and NFC Championship Game plays. So, what do the wiseguys say?Green Bay at Atlanta (-5)Pittsburgh at New England (-6) Advertisement The Blazin’ 5 Prediction Podcast is available every Saturday through the end of the football season. Download and subscribe to it exclusively at, iHeart Radio, Google Play, or iTunes. Don’t be a mark!last_img read more

Caning of women for attempted sexual relations delayed for technical reasons

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- A woman is caned in Indonesia. | Photo: SBS Dateline Caning is tortureHuman rights groups in Malaysia and around the world condemned the sentence and called on the government to stop it from happening.‘The scheduled caning of two women is the latest blow to Malaysia’s LGBT community, which had hoped for better protection under the country’s new government,’ said Graeme Reid, director of HRW’s LGBTI rights program.‘This prosecution and punishment will only fuel the recent wave of homophobia and transphobia in Malaysia.’An Australian Senator also called on her government to speak out against the sentence.‘Australia is a leader in the Asia Pacific region,’ said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens LGBTIQ spokesperson.‘The Australian government must act in light of this chilling state-sanctioned discrimination against LGBTIQ people. Our government has the responsibility to use its considerable influence to end this horrific persecution of LGBTIQ people.’The women’s sentence came as a wave of anti-LGBTI sentiment swept over the country. LGBTI issues have been under the spotlight since the government removed two portraits of LGBTI leaders from a photographic exhibition.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… The women aged 32 and 22 were arrested in April for trying to have sex in a car. They were arrested in the state of Terengganu in the north-west of the country.A Islamic Sharia Court sentenced the women to six lashes and a fine of RM3,330 (US$814).But earlier today the court registrar confirmed the court postponed their caning due to ‘technical reasons’.‘A few agencies will be involved in the punishment, and there are some technical issues that have yet to be resolved,’ registrar Nurulhuda Abd Rahman told media.‘Therefore, it was best to postpone the punishment to a later date.’When sentencing the women, Judge Kamalruazmi Ismail said the harsh sentence would act as a deterrent to others.‘[This]adequate punishment must be meted out so that this becomes a lesson and reminder to not just the two of you, but the members of society,’ the judge said in his ruling.center_img Women to be caned for ‘attempted sexual relations’ in MalaysiaAfter caning, Malaysia rights groups call on government to stop corporal punishmentMalaysia canes two women for lesbian sexRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : A local court has delayed the caning of two women convicted of ‘attempted sexual relations’ due to ‘technical issues’. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)last_img read more

Delays after lorry hits central reservation on M6

first_imgWant to keep up to date with the latest traffic and travel news?Each day Stoke-on-Trent Live journalists bring you the latest news on the roads and railways across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire and further afield to help keep you on the move. For the very latest updates on roads including the M6, A500, A50 and more, visit our dedicated traffic and travel news channel here. We also run a live news feed each weekday, which you can access on our website’s homepage from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Friday. And for more as-we-get-it updates on the roads across the region and beyond, join The Sentinel’s traffic and travel Facebook group here.10:56RTC J18-19 M6 NB the lorry has now been recovered from the scene debris is being cleared from the carriageway— North West Motorway Police (@NWmwaypolice) October 25, 201810:09#TrafficUpdate- the M6 is currently closed northbound between Junction 18 and 19 while recovery work takes place following the earlier collision. There are long delays across the network and motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible— Cheshire Police (@cheshirepolice) October 25, 201808:47TRAFFIC REMAINS HELD #M6 #Cheshire northbound btwn J18 #Middlewich #HolmesChapel and J19 #Knutsford following a lorry that has collided with the central barrier. Specialist recovery crew’s are on scene working to lift the vehicle from off the barrier, approx 2 hour delays.— Highways England (@HighwaysNWEST) October 25, 201808:46RTC J18-19 M6 NB one lane of traffic is running again @cheshirepolice— North West Motorway Police (@NWmwaypolice) October 25, 201808:40RTC J18-19 M6 NB traffic stopped at present to allow recovery to scene @cheshirepolice— North West Motorway Police (@NWmwaypolice) October 25, 201808:20RTC J18-19 M6 NB traffic is passing the incident however there are tailbacks to J18 therefore the entry slip at J18 is closed @cheshirepolice— North West Motorway Police (@NWmwaypolice) October 25, 201808:13Traffic monitoring company Inrix are reporting the travel time is around 1 hour and 25 minutes. 08:11 Very slow traffic due to people slowing to look at accident on the opposite side on M6 Southbound from J19 A556 Chester Road (Knutsford) to J18 A54 Middlewich Road (Middlewich / Holmes Chapel). In the roadworks area. 08:11RTC J18-19 M62 EB debris in carriageway— North West Motorway Police (@NWmwaypolice) October 25, 2018 There are delays on the M6 motorway this morning after a lorry hit the central reservation of the route in Cheshire. Highways England report the vehicle collided with the barrier on the northbound carriageway of the motorway between J18 iddlewich / Holmes Chapel) to J19 A556 Chester Road (Knutsford). The accident took place at around 7.15am with two lanes closed as of 7.50am today (Thursday October 25). All traffic was held on the carriageway but North West Motorway Police have since confirmed one lane is running past the scene. Inrix, the traffic data company, reports specialist equipment will be required to recover the vehicle, as it has come to rest on the central reservation. Delays are expected to continue throughout the rush hour as a result of the collision. Read MorePlans revealed for new supermarket, shops, petrol station and dozens of homeslast_img read more

Aussie Bell Boy Uniforms Hit the Gangway in Melbourne

first_imgSource = Cunard Aussie Bell Boy Uniforms Hit the Gangway in MelbourneAussie Bell Boy Uniforms Hit the Gangway in Melbourne as Cunard Reveals Plans for its Biggest Ever Season Down UnderLuxury cruise line Cunard has launched its record 54-day season Down Under by unveiling a dramatic wardrobe makeover for its famous bell boys in collaboration with iconic Australian brand, R.M.Williams.Debuting on board Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth in Melbourne today, R.M.Williams’ fresh take on the cruise line’s classic red and black bell boy uniforms is one of a series of exciting partnerships with Australian companies designed to celebrate a two-month season in local waters for the stylish 2081-guest ship.Presenting the uniforms, Cunard President Simon Palethorpe also revealed the cruise line’s plans to base Queen Elizabeth in Australian waters for an unprecedented 118 days over the 2020-21 summer, with Melbourne once again set to feature as a key homeport in the ship’s program.It will be the third consecutive summer deployment Down Under for the popular Queen Elizabeth, further building on its current 54-day season of cruises from Melbourne and Sydney and its scheduled 101-day season over the 2019-20 summer.Marking the start of Cunard’s first ever series of sailings from Melbourne today as well as the longest Australian season yet for one of its current fleet of Queens, the cruise line launched partnerships with award-winning Melbourne whisky distillery STARWARD and acclaimed performance troupe Australian Dance Theatre, in addition to R.M.Williams and legendary Australian hat maker Akubra.A first for the 179-year-old cruise line, the new seven-piece Aussie bell boy uniforms were designed by R.M.Williams – which boasts actor Daniel Craig and US President Bill Clinton among its star-studded clientele – with Australia’s warm summer weather in mind.Celebrating Cunard’s trademark colours of red, black and gold, the stylish ensemble features a red tailored jacket with gold nautical buttons and black cuffs, 100 per cent cotton black twill pants, handmade leather belts and R.M.Williams’ most recognised boots, The Craftsman, in striking Cunard red.The bell boys will also swap their traditional pillbox hats for custom-made brimmed Akubras, ideal for keeping off the summer sun.“Over the past decade we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of Australians travelling with Cunard so we wanted to acknowledge the importance of this market not only with Queen Elizabeth’s record deployment Down Under this year, but also with some ground- breaking partnerships,” Mr Palethorpe said.He added: “We’re very excited that our bell boys are going to take on a modern Australian look while we’re based here over summer, and we think local cruisers will love the opportunity to enjoy a special drop of whisky and some extraordinary Australian dance performances during the season.”R.M.Williams Chief Marketing Officer Mathew Hayward said it had been an honour to collaborate with Cunard.“The partnership with Cunard was built upon the foundation of two iconic heritage brands that place quality and customer paramount to their experiences. We are proud to celebrate this unique Australian season on board Queen Elizabeth. The new bell boy uniform has been built with purpose, as with all of our product, and maintains the superior quality that’s synonymous with R.M.Williams,” Mr Hayward said.General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Akubra, Andrew Angus added: “We’re excited that Akubra is part of this special Aussie uniform. Not only do the hats look stylish, they are perfect for Australia’s warm summers.”The arrival of Queen Elizabeth in Melbourne also marks the return of a very special piece of cargo – The Seafarer, a 225-litre barrel of Australian STARWARD whisky.Aged for two years at STARWARD’s Port Melbourne distillery, the barrel was loaded onto Queen Elizabeth last February and has spent 12 months travelling 95,000 nautical miles around the globe on a unique ‘maturation journey’ to create a first-of-its-kind single malt whisky.Australians can experience this rare whisky for themselves on board Queen Elizabeth during her season Down Under, and at STARWARD’s Port Melbourne distillery.“We’re thrilled to have partnered with Cunard on the epic journey that has created this very special spirit,” STARWARD Whisky founder David Vitale said.“Weather and environment are always instrumental in developing the flavour profile of a whisky, so the conditions that The Seafarer has experienced over the past 12 months of maturation make for a truly remarkable drop.”Cunard’s fourth partnership will come to life when performers from the Australian Dance Theatre take to the stage for the cruise line’s first special event cruise Down Under – a six- night roundtrip cruise to Tasmania departing Melbourne on March 12, 2019.During the voyage the ADT troupe will perform in their first-ever bespoke performance at sea, featuring two exclusive shows adapted from their latest work, The Beginning of Nature. Guests will be able to polish their own dance moves with movement classes led by ADT performers and the group’s Artistic Director, Garry Stewart, as part of a special itinerary building on the ship’s new wellbeing services.At 90,900 tonnes, Queen Elizabeth is the second largest ship ever to sail in Cunard’s fleet. Launched in 2010, she is also the youngest in the luxury cruise line’s current trio of Queens with features including more than 10 restaurants and cafés, a Games Deck featuring paddle tennis, croquet and bowls, a two-storey library, a ballroom and the three-deck Royal Court Theatre seating 800 guests and offering private boxes.last_img read more

Bank of America Makes a Business Case for Inclusion

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News June 8, 2018 638 Views Bank of America Makes a Business Case for Inclusion Sharecenter_img From providing its 6,000th mortgage-free home in April and most recently launching a $20 million lending program for U.S. military veteran entrepreneurs, Bank of America has been strengthening its business case for inclusion this year. The latest being an announcement on Friday to hire 10,000 people from low- and moderate-income communities by partnering with nonprofits to fuel its talent pipeline. The bank’s consumer and small business division targets to achieve this goal over the next five years through its Pathways Program. Through this program, Bank of America is working with nonprofits to build a pipeline of local talent to connect to sustainable jobs. Some of its nonprofit partners include organizations such as Year Up and Unidos US, that empower career-ready individuals to gain an entry point to full-time employment. Other partners such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Urban Alliance, provide opportunities for younger individuals to gain valuable skills for a future career. “The bank supports these nonprofit partners in recruiting candidates for the Pathways program, which provides a defined onboarding plan, education for required skills, on-the-job training, and a roadmap to full-time employment and future career opportunities,” Bank of America said in a statement.According to Dean Athanasia, President and Co-head of Consumer and Small Business at the bank, by hiring from communities that the bank serves and “helping our teammates develop their careers at the bank, we are helping our clients, and their employees, lead better financial lives.”In fact, many banks and mortgage lenders are opening up to the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion to their business strategies and looking at recruiting as well as retention practices that stress on inclusion of a diverse set of employees. In MReport’s June issue, we turn the spotlight on Diversity and make a case of how initiatives in this field are helping organizations enhance and fulfill their goals and strategies in our cover story titled “Measuring Change.” Bank of America Communities Consumers Inclusion Jobs Low Income Moderate-income Small Business 2018-06-08 Radhika Ojhalast_img read more

The 5 Takeaways from the Coyotes introduction of

first_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Alex Smith completed 18-of-19 passes for 232 yards and three touchdowns, including two to Michael Crabtree. With the win, the 49ers improve to 6-2, while the Cardinals fall to 4-4.The Good:For the Cardinals, there was really nothing good. The offense played with usual ineptitude and the defense followed suit.Oh, Michael Floyd made a nice one-handed catch in garbage time with the Cardinals down three touchdowns.The Bad:The Cardinals offense was absolutely punchless against the league’s top-rated defense. Cardinals cornerbacks Patrick Peterson, William Gay and Jamell Fleming were all burned in coverage and compounded it with tackling issues.Arizona’s defense got burned by San Francisco Alex Smith, who threw three touchdown passes and had only one incompletion on the evening — a drop by tight end Delanie Walker. The pass protection wasn’t good again, as the Niners defense, which came in with just 11 sacks on the season, racked up four more against the Arizona offensive line.The Cardinals’ running game managed just 7 yards on 9 carries.Noted:• The Cardinals have now lost four straight after starting the year 4-0. In fact, ESPN Stats and Info tweeted that the Cardinals are just the third team to start a season 4-0 and lose their next four games. The others are the 1993 Philadelphia Eagles and the 2002 Oakland Raiders are the others. Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Sure, you could read the box score and know who won, but we all know that won’t tell you everything that happened in a football game. So, we will give you Bird Bits providing you with the analysis, quotes and notes from the Cardinals’ 24-3 loss to the 49ers.The Story:The San Francisco 49ers absolutely dominated the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football, pounding them on both sides of the ball in a 24-3 win at University of Phoenix Stadium. Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires • With the loss, the Cardinals are now 1-8 on Monday Night Football since moving to the Valley in 1988. They’re 1-5 against the 49ers on Monday night.• Alex Smith completed 94.7 percent of his passes against the Cardinals — the highest percentage in NFL history by a quarterback with more than 15 attempts in a game. Smith broke the record held by Craig Morton who completed 17-of-18 passes (94.4%) for the Denver Broncos in a win over the San Diego Chargers September 27, 1981 and Fran Tarkenton, who had the same numbers for the Minnesota Vikings in a 1977 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.• The win marked the 42nd all-time Monday Night Football victory for the 49ers, second-most in history. Only the Dallas Cowboys (43) have more MNF triumphs.• San Francisco is now 7-1 in NFC West games since Jim Harbaugh took over as head coach prior to the 2011 season.He Said It:“We had a big test tonight, and you saw how we responded to it. It wasn’t good enough,” — Cardinals head coach Ken WhisenhuntComing Up Next:The Cardinals hit the road to take on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field next Sunday. – / 19 Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more