Farmers’ Cooperative Establishes Oil Palm Nursery for Farmers

first_imgThe oil palm nursery in LiberiaOver 4000 oil palm seedlings (young plants) are currently on nursery in Bellemu, Panta District, Bong County, to be distributed to local farmers for cultivation.The business manager of the Panta Multi-purpose Cooperative Society (PANFAMCOS), Isaac B. Yarkparwolo, made the disclosure to the Daily Observer Farmer Desk on Tuesday, January 21, at his office in Bellemu Town in an exclusive interview.Mr. Yarkparwolo stated that the oil palm seedlings are intended to empower local farmers, who have developed interest in growing oil palm in Panta District and its environs.Oil palm (Elaesis Geineensis) is a native crop of Equatorial Guinea. When planted, it gets matured within three to seven years depending on the varieties.It can be planted early April to May.  Mr. Yarkparwolo said that more than 187 farmers from nine communities in Panta district are expected to benefit from the seedling distribution.“Beginning April to June of this year, farmers should have gotten hold of their supplies of oil palm seedlings,” he disclosed.According to him farmers will be obligated to pay back the value of the seedlings in cash at a minimum rate, which he could not say.He stated that his cooperative has received supports from an international NGO, Winkrock to enhance oil palm production in his district.He disclosed that the initiative to grow oil palm started immediately after the civil crisis.“Having realized the need for self employment, we taught of organizing farmers in the district in 1997 to prioritize the production of the crop to earn income. Today many of the farmers have begun to harvest and process palm nuts for market.He mentioned that this process has helped to reduce poverty in the lives of many farmers.“Many farmers including myself, have owned properties just from growing oil palm,” he declared.On the constraints face by farmers, Mr. Yarparwolo told the Observer that they  have serious challenges with marketing the oil that is processed. “We are no longer exporting oil out of the country, so our revenue base has dropped,” he stated. He added that all the oil they process from the palm is consumed right in Liberia.“There is a need that the government thinks seriously about creating market for our produce to encourage more farmers in the business.Moreover, he added that getting improved seeds to nurse is another major challenge.“The Central Agriculture Research Institute(CARI) must now began to provide seeds for farmers in the country,” he noted.He disclosed that due to lack of improved oil palm seeds in the country, farmers buy seeds from La Côte d’Ivoire at exorbitant cost.Meanwhile, the PANFAMCOS business manager also disclosed that his cooperative is also involved into rubber crop farming as well as food crop.But he strongly noted that the monopoly in the rubber business poses a serious a problem for rubber farmers in the country.“Our persistent calls to the government are that the moratorium on the exportation of unprocessed natural rubber should be lifted to allow farmers to make more money and improve their lives. Firestone Rubber Plantation cannot be the only buyer of rubber from farmers. There must be other companies to compete with Firestone to have attractive prices for the purchase of the product,” he stressed.He went as far as criticizing the government for not ensuring that rubber produce in the country by Firestone other companies is processed to create more jobs for the citizens.“We cannot understand why Liberia being the largest producer of rubber in the world is yet to add value to the product,” he said. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

MOE Rejects ETUs At Schools

first_imgThe increasing number of deaths due to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) has claimed the attention of authorities at the Ministry of Education (MOE).As such, the MOE has out rightly rejected the selection of school campuses for use as facilities for Ebola holding centers or Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) for those afflicted or suspected of carrying symptoms of the killer disease.Education Minister, Etmonia David Tarpeh, warned that no individuals, organizations, agencies, institutions or taskforce team should use school buildings or facilities as Ebola quarantine centers anywhere around the country.Minister Tarpeh rejected calls by some county authorities requesting the use of school facilities as Ebola quarantine centers or treatment centers to refrain from such idea.According to her, that idea has the intention or the ability to create fear among students when classes shall officially resume in the not too long distance future.“Please stop your demand because it is not in the interest to improve Liberia’s educational system, which is struggling to provide quality and affordable education to every Liberian and foreign national in the country,” Minister pleaded.She disclosed among other things that the MOE is working ‘tirelessly’ to protect and maintain all school facilities in the country.Works by the minister, the Minister believes to further give the government the necessary impetus to resume classes shortly when the Ebola crisis reduces.She argued that the usage of school facilities as Ebola withholding or quarantine centers has the knack to delay re-opening of learning institutions in the country.“The use of schools as Ebola withholding or treatment centers will further traumatize students, thereby prolonging the healing process,” she observed.Minister Tarpeh also disclosed that the ministries of Foreign Affairs, and National Defense, recently signed a resolution that schools in Liberia will be protected as “Zones of Peace” in times of crises.Document of commitment calling for the protection of academic facilities in the case of crisis, the Minister said, was in the possession of the MOE at her Sinkor 3rd   street offices in Monrovia.Minister’s Tarpeh reaction became necessary when several other organizations and individuals over the past weeks embarked on ‘systematic’ campaign suggestions the use of schools campuses or its facilities as Ebola withhold centers or the treatment centers for those being victimized by the EVD.In a related development, the secretary-general of the Civil Society Movement of Liberia (CSML), Christopher Toe, recently called on the government to reopen all schools in the country.Toe believes that when schools are reopened, campuses could be used as one of the cardinal points to carry out Ebola sensitization, and to also promote hygienic measures, thereby moving Liberia towards zeroing the infection.Mr. Toe made the recommendation during programs marking the official launch of the National Teachers’ Association (NTAL) Ebola Awareness Program in Monrovia a week ago.He then emphasized that with the reopening of schools, teachers and students could be hired by the National Taskforce on the fight against Ebola to play a vital role in spreading anti-Ebola messages both at school, and in their various communities.He on the other hand, challenged teachers to approach the Ebola issue with commitment and dedication to help contain the spread of the virus since they (teachers) are the role models.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Bassa, Bong in County Meet Opener

first_imgOn this Friday thousands of Bong County citizens and other part of the country, including Bassa speaking natives are expected to throng the Port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County to watch the opening match in the 2015/2016 County Meet.Defending football champions Grand Bassa, dubbed the Gbezohn Boys, have lots of sweats to bear – hosting former County Meet champion Bong County and enterprising River Gee and Sinoe counties.The workload on Grand Bassa will involve maintaining the golden trophy which may entail their qualification as one of the two teams for the quarter finals.Bong County – what many called the ‘Wounded Lion’ will not only promise an entertaining football on Saturday but will be determined to scramble for the quarter finals by winning all the three games.Though Sinoe and River Gee have not made exploits in the County Meet for about a decade, Senators J. Milton Teahjah and Commany Wesseh have decided to make headways in the first County Meet since their election in December 2014.Reports say the two underdog counties are convinced they will emerge from Group I which favorites, Bassa and Bong have to prove them wrong.According to the fixture, Bassa and Bong are expected to engage each other in kickball and football; on Saturday, December 12, at 2:00pm at the Doris William Stadium in Buchanan.Up to present, the Youth and Sports Ministry has yet to confirm whether President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf or Vice President Joseph Boakai will do the official kickoff.However, the cabinet led by Director Jordan Solunteh is expected on the field, including diplomatic corps.There colors expected to dominate the stadium are orange and red and odds are yet to be known because the two sides’ kinsmen are equally many.On Sunday, December 13, the County Meet continues with kickball and football matches, including three other venues – Sanniquellie, Zwedru and Kakata.2015/2016 County Meet Preliminary Rounds – Football & KickballWeekend FixtureGroup 1Date Match venue Time Category12-12-15 Grand Bassa Vrs Bong Buchanan 14:00 Kickball12-12-15 Grand Bassa Vrs Bong Buchanan 16:00 Foot ball12-13-15 River Gee Vrs Sinoe Buchanan 14:00 Kickball12-13-15 Buchanan 16:00 Foot ball Group II12-13-15 Cape Vrs Bomi Sanniquellie 11:00am Kickball12-13-15 Nimba Vrs Maryland Sanniquellie 12:00noon Kickball12-13-15 Cape Vrs Bomi sanniquellie 14:00 Football12-13-15 Nimba Vrs Maryland Sanniquellie 16:00 Football Group III12-13-15 River cess Vrs Grand Kru Zwedru 11:00am Kickball12-13-15 Grand Gedeh Vrs Lofa Zwedru 12:00noon Kickball12-13-15 River cess Vrs Grand Kru Zwedru 14:00 Football12-13-15 Grand Gedeh Vrs Lofa Zwedru 16:00 Football Group IV12-13-15 Margibi Vrs Montserrado Kakata 14:00 Kickball12-13-15 Margibi Vrs Montserrado Kakata 16:00 FootballShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Armed bandits attack, rob Corentyne family

first_imgA Corentyne, Berbice family was on Friday attacked and robbed by six bandits, four of whom were armed with guns. The family was relieved of a number of articles, including cash.Reports are that Tamiko Barry, also called ‘Shelly’, 29, was at her Lot 64 Number 3 Village Corentyne, Berbice home in the back of the yard with a friend, Niramala Ramjattan, also called ‘Seeta,’ 23, of Lot 185 ‘AA’ Kingston Corriverton Corentyne and some neighbours having a drink when they were attacked.This newspaper was told that at 20:30h, the bandits entered the yard simultaneously from different directions. One of them went straight to Barry and asked her for the $4 million which she had withdrawn from the bank earlier in the day. “I tell him I don’t have no $4 million.”The bandit relieved her of a gold chain valued at $85,000, a cellular phone valued at $120,000, and a purse containing two bank cards and a quantity of keys.Meanwhile, another bandit took Ramjattan hostage and took away $90,000 she had on her, along with two gold chains and four gold finger rings.Barry was then taken into the house while the other bandits guarded the visitors. The house was ransacked, and the men found a bag containing $230,000.The men then made good their escape.No arrests have been made as Police continue to investigate.last_img read more

Local Area Late Spring and Early Summer Rain Needed

first_imgToday officially marks the beginning of the last week of spring, as the longest day of this year, the beginning of the Summer Solstice, will be next Monday. With the month already nearly half over, it appears as if the Peace Region will head into summer in need of more moisture, having recorded just over 7 millimeters to date, in a month in which the local area norm is more than 71.- Advertisement -However, the last time we reached or exceeded the June average in precipitation, was in 2007, when we received 92.4 millimeters.Last year we recorded only 41.2, and in 2008, only 26.7.The one day local record for the month is also the all-time daily record, and it is 80.3 millimeters, which was recorded on June 27th of 1965.last_img read more

Local governments, BC Hydro still working on agreements over dam construction

first_img“We have made a commitment to our community that we would protect their interests, and that we would ensure that the city was not exposed to new and additional costs, reductions in service, revenue losses, or new expenditures due to the Site C project proceeding,” she told the panel then.City Manager Dianne Hunter said Hydro’s financial offer remains the same.“There are still a number of outstanding issue which we hope will be resolved to the City’s satisfaction,” she wrote in an email.“It is difficult to state when this agreement will be finalized.”Ackerman said this week that negotiations continue.Advertisement “We’re pushing for a robust agreement. It’s not just about the money,” she said.“Like the Peace River Agreement, we see the value of a commitment to do some joint planning around shared infrastructure, healthcare, education, and (policing) is probably more valuable to us as a foundation to the community.”Negotiations with Hudson’s Hope, PRRD continueIn an email, Hudson’s Hope Mayor Gwen Johansson said the district and Hydro remain in negotiations.She called the issues facing the district as “complex,” noting it stands to lose at least 1,700 hectares of land due to flooding, highway realignment, and statutory right of ways, all of which eat away at the district’s ability to build and maintain waterfront properties for homes and businesses.Advertisement FSJ pushing for ‘robust agreement,’ mayor saysConway would not divulge details of the agreement with Fort St. John.At a Site C public hearing in January 2014, Mayor Lori Ackerman told a joint review panel Hydro had tabled a “final offer” to the city to the tune of $1 million per yer during the dam’s construction, worth a total of about $8 million.Ackerman told the panel the offer was based on taxes that would be payable on the 85th Avenue lands that will be dug up to build the earth-filled dam, and the north camp.Ackerman called the deal “arbitrary” at the time, and that it did not address the full impacts to the city.Advertisement Hydro has previously said in public hearings it will make local road improvements in the district, spend $150,000 to upgrade Alwin Holland Memorial park, build a shoreline berm along the river to protect several downtown properties from erosion and sloughing from the new reservoir, and will help relocate and rebuild the district’s water intake station, which will be flooded.“The above provide(s) just a taste of the issues Hudson’s Hope is having to deal with should this project proceed,” Johansson wrote. “So it is not surprising that it is taking considerable time.”Chris Cvik, chief administrative officer with the PRRD, said the district has a draft agreement in place with Hydro, but that negotiations continue. The agreement keys in on electoral areas B, C, D, and E, though Cvik noted they are working to ensure the entire regional district benefits from the agreement, especially for unforeseen impacts that might arise during life of the project.Cvik could not put a timeline on when an agreement would be finalized.The agreement would be separate from the so-called legacy agreement the PRRD has already signed with Hydro. That would provide $2.4 million a year, indexed to inflation, over 70 years, once the dam becomes operational.Agreements with Chetwynd, Taylor already in placeBoth Chetwynd and Taylor have signed community agreements with Hydro.The deal for Taylor includes $85,000 for a water supply monitoring program; $50,000 to update the district’s emergency preparedness and response plan; $20,000 to support its role in road rescue services during project construction; street lighting along Highway 97 through Taylor; and funding to develop 20 new serviced RV lots at Peace Island Park.The deal for Chetwynd includes $50,000 to develop recreation sites between Chetwynd and Site C’s reservoir at the south bank, where Hydro will also build a viewpoint open to the public during and after construction; and a one-time $20,000 donation to emergency rescue services during construction. The ink may have dried on the new Peace River Agreement, but some local municipalities still have yet to sign deals with BC Hydro over construction of the Site C dam.Fort St. John, Hudson’s Hope, and the Peace River Regional District all say they remain in negotiations with Hydro over their respective community agreements, which will outline benefits and compensation each will receive to offset the impacts caused by the dam.None could say whether those agreements would be finalized before Hydro looks to start preliminary land clearing and camp construction this summer.- Advertisement -Hydro has, however, indicated it has reached an agreement in principle with Fort St. John over the compensation that will flow to the city to mitigate the host of social and economic impacts that will hit the city if and when construction hits full strength.“There’s no deadline. We’re working towards it (being finalized),” said Conway, noting that reaching agreements with impacted municipalities is not required as part of its certification to build the dam.“Community agreements are something we’re working towards because we think it’s a right thing to do, not because we have to it.”Advertisementlast_img read more

Facebook to broadcast La Liga games for free

first_img“We are delighted to team up with Facebook and be able to bring the action closer to all followers of La Liga in the Indian subcontinent,” said La Liga President Javier Tebas.“La liga is a reference in world football and it is a great satisfaction for us that now, the number of people who can watch matches live in this geographic area will be greater than ever and they will be able to do so for free through Facebook.”The deal will last for the next three seasons and will include pre- and post-match analysis programmes.The financial details of the agreement were not disclosed in the statement but Spanish sports daily Marca reported that the deal was worth 90 million euros ($105.5 million).In June La Liga announced it had renewed its contract for five seasons, between 2019-2024, for the international broadcast rights for the Spanish championship for around 4.48 billion euros — or about 896 million euros per season, a 30 percent increase over the previous agreement.– ‘New audiences’ –Facebook earlier this month agreed a deal with UK broadcaster Eleven Sports to show one La Liga and one Serie A game per week on its platform.Five-time World Player of the Year Ronaldo’s Serie A debut with Juventus at Chievo on August 18, and Atletico Madrid’s La Liga opener at Valencia two days later are among the matches scheduled for free-to-air viewing. Barcelona’s visit to Valladolid on August 25 is also included.“This partnership reflects our commitment to helping broadcasters reach new audiences, build their brands and deliver a great viewing experience for sports fans on Facebook,” Rhys Beer, Facebook’s live sports programming lead for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said at the time.The deal is just the latest step towards the online sector securing lucrative live football contracts after Amazon secured the rights to show 20 Premier League matches a season for three years in the UK, starting from the 2019/20 season in June.The US company breaks up the recent dominance of Sky and BT Sport of lucrative Premier League TV rights in a first for the online sector that is threatening to shake up the traditional sports rights market.India has a billion-plus mobile phone users — more than any other country on earth — and close to half a billion people with internet access, most via their smartphones, that make streaming video from sites like Facebook possible.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Viewers in the Indian subcontinent will be able to watch for free Barcelona FC, pictured here winning the Spanish Super Cup earlier this month, on Facebook thanks to its deal to broadcast La Liga matches © AFP/File / FADEL SENNAMADRID, Spain, Aug 14 – Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale and a host of La Liga stars will be beamed for free to viewers in the Indian subcontinent as part of a landmark deal with Facebook to broadcast live matches, the Spanish top flight division said Tuesday.All 380 football matches of the new 2018-2019 La Liga season, which begins Friday, will be available to watch on the social media network in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, La Liga said in a statement.last_img read more

Coutinho commits! Liverpool confirm new long-term deal for Brazilian ace

first_imgPhilippe Coutinho has signed a new long-term deal with Liverpool, the Premier League club have announced.The Brazilian playmaker, an £8.5million singing from Inter Milan in January 2013, has emerged as a key man for the club since his arrival at Anfield.He has been in outstanding form for the Reds in recent weeks and has been hailed by manager Brendan Rodgers as a future world class star.Now the 22-year-old has handed Rodgers a major boost by putting pen-to-paper on a new and improved contract which ties him to the Merseyside club until 2020.Coutinho, whose previous deal was due to expire in 2018, told “I’m really happy. It’s a dream come true playing for this great club and being part of this squad.“This club is great and the fans have always supported me, so I’ve been eager to sign this new deal since conversations started. Today is a very happy day.” 1 Philippe Coutinho last_img read more

Manchester City blow: Raheem Sterling and Joe Hart ruled out for up to a month

first_imgJoe Hart and Raheem Sterling are set to miss the upcoming England friendlies as Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini expects muscle injuries to keep them out for a month.Roy Hodgson’s men travel to world champions Germany next weekend for a mouth-watering friendly that is followed up days later by Holland arriving at Wembley.However, the 24-man squad named on Thursday for those matches looks set to change after Sterling and Hart were injured as City lost 1-0 at home to rivals Manchester United on Sunday.Sterling pulled up with a groin complaint midway through the first half and Hart was taken off on a stretcher after half-time, having sustained a calf injury trying to clear up a terrible Martin Demichelis backpass.“Both of them have muscle injuries,” City boss Pellegrini said. “Raheem his groin and Joe in his calf.“I don’t think that a muscle injury you can be fit in one week. Normally three or four weeks.”Hart and Sterling join the likes of Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere and Luke Shaw on the sidelines.last_img read more


first_imgSometimes you are ready to make changes in your life but your significant other sees it as your goal, not theirs.What if you are worried about their health?What words do you use to tell your significant other that they are overweight? How will your partner react if you tell him that you don’t want a piece of bloody Jamaica Ginger Cake while watching a Sunday movie? No, not even if it’s two for €3.If one partner starts exercising and eating better, the other partner also tends to lose weight.Studies have further shown that couples who exercise together are more likely to stick with an exercise programme.Exercise frequency has been attributed to enhanced feelings of attractiveness and increased energy levels—both of which can increase sexual desirability and performance. Here are some tips to gently help each other work out and stay together:1. Ask for their support. Tell them that it would make a huge difference if they could help you with your new challenge. Include them in meal ideas, plans. So, could we skip the takeaway this weekend and try a different meal idea.2. Don’t judge. If they want to have a dessert, don’t nag.3. Drink more water. Replace the sugary drink with water at mealtimes.4. Sign up for a fitness class/a 5k challenge/30-day challenge/arrange to meet a personal trainer as a couple/an afternoon kayaking/Suggest an evening walk. It doesn’t have to be a full-on power walk. The point is you are creating new habits. Aim for an evening walk two or three times a week. Remember, don’t compete. 5. Explore your surroundings. A day out at Sliabh Liag, Glenveagh National Park, visit Tory Island. New habits.6. Set a joint goal. Are you planning a holiday? A birthday, a wedding coming up soon? Reward each other. (not with food). Tickets for a gig, play.7. Be helpful. Be respectful. Focus on the benefits.8. Be aware of underlying problems: stress at work, financial worries, sleep difficulties 9. Stay positive. Remind your partner what you love about them; sense of humour, interesting, drive, intelligent, kind.10. You’re in it for the long haul and that’s why you’re skipping the Jamaican Ginger Cake .HEALTH: SWEAT TOGETHER AND STAY TOGETHER was last modified: May 17th, 2015 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:couplesworkoutlast_img read more