Giants stomp all over POM Meros

first_imgAt their first bat, the Giants scored three runs after a hit to the outfield by Jay Selu brought home three runners.Keeping the Meros scoreless in the first inning, the Giants continued to pile on more runs.Jayden Lach smacked a ball to the left outfield and brought Kepas Mormor home. A home run by Ryan Meriman kept the scoreboard ticking,  bringing two more runners home plus himself.The next batter up, Consie Bais, hit the second homer for the game off the pitching of Mero’s Mosley Obed.By the third inning, the Meros made a change in the pitching, bringing on Joachim Pagal for Obed.Pagal helped restrict the Giants who only managed three runs in the last two innings.The Giants made a change in the pitching department, using Aaron Duronx. This helped the Meros who scored their first run through Joel Kua from a loose ball from Duronx.The Meros added another run from a safe hit from Julias Tatai before time in game was called.This is the second win for the Giants who beat the Madang Kings 4-2 yesterday.In the women’s first game for today, Madang were too strong for Buluminski, winning 7-1.last_img read more

The Ultimate Super Smash Bros Character Guide Isabelle

first_imgStay on target Isabelle Turns Over a New Leaf!Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is huge. Not just in terms of hype and importance and sales potential, but just in terms of sheer stuff. The Nintendo Switch mascot fighter features over a hundred stages, nearly a thousand songs, and too many Pokemon and items and Assist Trophies to think of crammed onto a cartridge you can plan on the go or on a TV. When you have as many big franchises as Nintendo, putting them all in one game will make that game is very big boy indeed.But the biggest, most exciting thing about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is its mind-blowing, heartwarming roster of playable characters. Fighting games pride themselves not just on the strength of their mechanics but the strength of its fighters, especially in a crossover fighters like this. And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crushes all rivals by including every single playable character from the across the four previous games in the twenty-year-old series. Include the new combatants and so far we have over 70 fighters to wrap our heads around. We’re excited, but we’re also intimidated. So to get ready for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, every day, character by character, we’re creating the ultimate guide to all of its characters. Today’s fighter: Isabelle. ‘Astral Chain’ and Other Dumb Nintendo SongsThe Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Character Guide: Hero center_img Who Are They?Although Animal Crossing is a game about playing as a generic version of yourself, the cast of animal characters you encounter in your new town have more than enough personality to spare. And ever since she debuted in the recent but beloved Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS, Isabelle quickly became a crossover fan favorite. She’s a dog secretary that aids you as the mayor for crying out loud!Smash HistoryIsabelle is the second Animal Crossing character in Smash Bros., after Villager. She appeared as an Assist Trophy in the Wii U version, but after becoming a playable character in Mario Kart 8, her Smash Promotion only made sense. Although she shares some moves with Villager, like pocketing projectiles and a slingshot forward aerial, Isabelle is considered unique enough to be one of Smash Ultimate’s handful of new characters.What Looks New in Ultimate?Not that we’re complaining, but why do they keep making Animal Crossing characters play like Snake? First Villager had the Lloid rocket and tree traps. And now Isabelle can plant Lloid rockets like proximity mines and launch people into the air with a stop sign/mortar. Add in a fishing pole command grab with tons of troll potential and Isabelle’s cheery demeanor may just be a cover for her ability to set devastating traps.Our Hopes?To be brutally honest, Isabelle wasn’t our first pick for a new Animal Crossing character. Tom Nook, Resetti, K.K. Slider, that pig lady that sells like vegetables like it’s the stock market. The series is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to lovable characters. But after our hands-on time, Isabelle’s tricky moveset does have us seriously intrigued. A lack of powerful finishers may, appropriately, be all that holds her back.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases Dec. 7 for Nintendo Switch. Until we can play more for ourselves, changes we talk about here are mostly speculation. For more thoughts check out our Smash hands-on as well as cool Switch games to play that aren’t Smash Bros., because those definitely exist.View as: One Page Slides1/761. Read Mario’s Guide2. Read Donkey Kong’s Guide3. Read Link’s Guide4. Read Samus’s Guide5. Read Dark Samus’s Guide6. Read Yoshi’s Guide7. Read Kirby’s Guide8. Read Fox’s Guide9. Read Pikachu’s Guide10. Read Luigi’s Guide11. Read Ness’s Guide12. Read Captain Falcon’s Guide13. Read Jigglypuff’s Guide14. Read Peach’s Guide15. Read Daisy’s Guide16. Read Bowser’s Guide17. Read Ice Climbers’ Guide18. Read Sheik’s Guide19. Read Zelda’s Guide20. Read Dr. Mario’s Guide21. Read Pichu’s Guide22. Read Falco’s Guide23. Read Marth’s Guide24. Read Lucina’s Guide25. Read Young Link’s Guide26. Read Ganondorf’s Guide27. Read Mewtwo’s Guide28. Read Roy’s Guide29. Read Chrom’s Guide30. Read Mr. Game and Watch’s Guide31. Read Meta Knight’s Guide32. Read Pit’s Guide33. Read Dark Pit’s Guide34. Read Zero Suit Samus’s Guide35. Read Wario’s Guide36. Read Snake’s Guide37. Read Ike’s Guide38. Read Pokemon Trainer’s Guide39. Read Diddy Kong’s Guide40. Read Lucas’s Guide41. Read Sonic’s Guide42. Read King Dedede’s Guide43. Read Olimar’s Guide44. Read Lucario’s Guide45. Read R.O.B.’s Guide46. Read Toon Link’s Guide47. Read Wolf’s Guide48. Read Villager’s Guide49. Read Mega Man’s Guide50. Read Wii Fit Trainer’s Guide51. Read Rosalina and Luma’s Guide52. Read Little Mac’s Guide53. Read Greninja’s Guide54. Read Mii Fighters’ Guide55. Read Palutena’s Guide56. Read Pac-Man’s Guide57. Read Robin’s Guide58. Read Shulk’s Guide59. Read Bowser Jr.’s Guide60. Read Duck Hunt’s Guide61. Read Ryu’s Guide62. Read Cloud’s Guide63. Read Corrin’s Guide64. Read Bayonetta’s Guide65. Read Inkling’s Guide66. Read Ridley’s Guide67. Read Simon’s Guide68. Read Richter’s Guide69. Read King K. Rool’s Guide70. Read Isabelle’s Guide71. Read Ken’s Guide72. Read Incineroar’s Guide73. Read Piranha Plant’s Guide74. Read Joker’s Guide75. Read Hero’s Guide76.last_img read more