Jure Vran in Frisch Auf Goppingen

Slovenian goalkeeper, Jure Vran (27) signed contract witha member of Handball Bundesliga  FA Goppingen.  FA Goppingen decided to find a new goalkeeper after injury of Adam Weiner. Vran debut for national team this year after national team took Zvonimir Serdarusic. In Slovenia he played for Cimos Koper and last two season – Slovan Ljubljana. ← Previous Story Barna Putics in VfL Gummersbach Next Story → Danijel Saric got permission to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina Jure VranSlovan Ljubljana read more

Paris – Ivry fusion

The two french clubs, Paris and Ivry, have been discussing the fusion into one club for a long time already. However, their latest meeting went unsuccessful and there has been no agreement reached yet. The point is to strengthen the clubs and be a solid force that can parry Montpellier and Chambery for the next season. Will they succeed in their intentions, we’re to see… ← Previous Story The RNL Manager criticizes Nielsen Next Story → Kornel Nagy two years in French Dunkerque

Carlen – injured again

Carlen really doesn’t have luck with the injuries, and yet again he’s injured. After spending 7 months off the courts rehabilitating after breaking knee ligaments, he’s now in new trouble with injuries. The same thing, his knee ligaments again, and now another 6 months break is to be expected. That means he’s going to miss most of the season, and the upcoming European Championship in January 2012 in Serbia. ← Previous Story RNL beats Lemgo – Lijewski scores in last seconds Next Story → Tragic death of Slovak goalkeeper read more

Kielce did job in Montpellier – THW Kiel win the biggest derby

EHF Champions Leaguehandball The Polish best team Vive Tauron Kielce are waiting for the second leg with French Montpellier in relaxed atmosphere after securing victory in away clash – 29:25 (16:13). Talant Dujshebaev squad put on pressure the home team from the very beginning and it was clear that quality is on their side.Left back Karol Bielecki exploded in work with legendary Spanish coach, extending his shooting series with 6 goals, while Vid Kavticnik netted eight for the losers…Montpellier Agglomeration HB – Vive Tauron Kielce 25:29 (13:16)Montpellier: Mesnard, Sieffert, Bellahcene – Borges, Dolenec, Fabregas, Gutfreund, Kavticnik 8/3, Mackovsek 4, Saidani, Simonet 6, Tej 3, Faustin, Gaber 1, Gajic 3, Guigou.Vive: Szmal, Sego – Grabarczyk, Jurecki 5, Tkaczyk, Reichmann 2, Chrapkowski, Aguinagalde 4, Bielecki 6, Jachlewski 2, Strlek 1, Buntić 4, Musa, Zorman 2, Rosiński 1, Cupić 2.Europe, now, looking for the new kings after THW Kiel beat SG Flensburg 30:21 in away match in “FLE Arena”.SG Flensburg-Handewitt – THW Kiel 21:30 (9:16)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (5 saves), Møller (11 saves) – Karlsson, Nenadic (4), Eggert (5/3), Mogensen (2), Svan (2), Wanne (2/1), Kaufmann, Jakobsson (1), Zachariassen, Radivojevic (3), Elahmar (2)THW Kiel: Sjöstrand (8/2 saves), Palicka (6 saves) – Toft Hansen, Wiencek (2), Ekberg (7), Weinhold (2), Canellas (2), Duvnjak (1), Palmarsson (2), Klein (4), Jicha (3), Vujin (7/3), Lauge ← Previous Story Shameful Aalborg score 11 goals against Barcelona! Next Story → “Golden ball” race: Lazarov going for a hat-trick! read more

VIDEO Find out why Nenadic muss bleiben

German Fuchse Berlin made the biggest success in the history by winning the EHF Cup this season at the end of Dagur Sigurdsson era in the club. One of the biggest star of the team was Serbian playmaker Petar Nenadic, for whom club already stated that won’t stay among “Foxes” in the next season.Meanwhile, good performance of former Barcelona, Holstebro, PICK Szeged, Wisla Plock, Crvena zvezda and Algeciras member, changed the opinion of the No.1 person in Berlin, club’s manager Bob Hanning, who now talking about the “financial demands” as the primary problem in a try to keep Nenadic in the team.Fans already said “Nenadic muss bleiben” (Nenadic must stay) and if you see his few actions against SG Magdeburg, you will find out why… Fuchsee BerlinPetar Nenadic ← Previous Story RK Vardar Skopje win 9th Macedonian title! Next Story → KIF Kolding Kobenhavn win 14th Danish Championship title! read more

TOTAL DOMINATION Twelve EUROs Champs – 11 Norwegian medals

2002DenmarkDenmark25–22Norway 1994GermanyDenmark27–23Germany 2014 Story of European handball is story about amazing generations of Norwegian handball ladies! Tournament in Sweden was 12th organized by European Handball Federation since 1994, when in Germany Denmark won first ever EURO gold by beating Germany 27:23.How deep and huge are domination of Norwegian women’s handball national team – the best way to describe is to tell a fact that Norway won 11 medals and only missing is one from Romania in 2000, when they finished sixth!Seven gold medals, three silver and one bronze, with amazing fact that since 2004, Breivik and then Hergeirsson lost only gold medal in Belgrade 2012, when Montenegro won 34:31 after extra-time.All Women’s EHF EURO’s finals: ← Previous Story Seventh EURO gold for Norway! Next Story → Buzzer-beater by Svan Hansen for Berlin’s tears in Flensburg 2004HungaryNorway27–25Denmark 1998NetherlandsNorway24–16Denmark 2006SwedenNorway27–24Russia 2010 2008MacedoniaNorway34–21Spain 2000RomaniaHungary32–30 (ET)Ukraine Croatia / HungaryNorway28–25Spain 1996DenmarkDenmark25–23Norway 2012SerbiaMontenegro34–31 (2ET)Norway 2016SwedenNorway30–29Netherlands Norwegian handball girls Denmark / NorwayNorway25–20Sweden read more

STRUGA 2017 Chartres retain trophy at Womens beach

The French team Chartres won the trophy at 45th International tournament in Struga for the second year in a row. Team who stayed without promotion to LNH after Play-Off defeat against Massy (number of goals in away match was decisive) beat Turkish best side Besiktas MOGAZ 29:26 (14:13) at the final in front of 2.000 fans at Zenska Plaza, legendary open court in small Macedonian city on Ohrid Lake.The third place won RK Metalurg Skopje by beating RK Ohrid 2013 33:28.Swedish Alingsas had no trouble to outplay domestic team RK Struga 46:18.The best player of the tournament was Edin Basic from Chartres, while his team-mate Nebojsa Grahovac was elected for best goalkeeper. ← Previous Story 11 YEARS WITH SG FLENSBURG: Thomas Mogensen goes to Skjern Next Story → SEHA GAZPROM League 2017/18 to start on August 30 read more

15 brilliantly pointless sites to visit before doing anything important

first_img1. Catleidoscope Source: liveinternet.ruA killer whale that follows your mouse pointer with its nose. Hypnotic!9. Death By Caffeine Source: Pointer PointerWherever you put your mouse cursor on the screen, this page finds a photo where someone is pointing to that exact place. Magic!15. Into Time Source: hereistodayShows you where today is in relation to this year, decade, century, geological era… all the way back to the beginning of the universe. Will make you feel insignificant.3. Pug Licking Screen Source: Death By CaffeineHow much of your favourite tea, coffee or energy drink would it take to kill you? Find out this essential information here.10. Drawminos Source: CatleidoscopeA kaleidoscope of cats. Mesmerising.2. Here Is Today Source: Ball DroppingsBalls fall from a dot on screen. You draw lines to bounce them around. How many can you keep in play? (Is the question you’ll be regretting asking yourself after losing an entire afternoon.)12. Koalas To The Max Source: BeardestPhotographs of men with glorious (and not-so-glorious) beards appear. You rate their beards on a scale of ‘not’ to ‘beardest’. Satisfaction ensues.6. Partridge Gets Lucky Source: Google GravityLike regular Google, except that everything collapses immediately to the bottom of the screen. See? Completely pointless.8. Killer Whale Source: PAPNothing except a machine that passes remark on your attempts at a secure password. Enter yours and see what it has to say.5. Beardest Source: partridgegetsluckyAlan Partridge playing bass to Get Lucky, on an infinite loop, forever. You’re welcome.7. Google Gravity Source: sanger.dkA pug licks your screen. You watch. It is a thing of great beauty.4. Passive-Aggressive Password Machine Source: DrawminosGuys, you can MAKE YOUR OWN DOMINO TRAIL AND THEN KNOCK IT OVER. So satisfying.11. Ball Droppings Source: koalastothemaxNot, in fact, anything to do with koalas. Instead, a strangely soothing tool where your mouse cursor splits circles into smaller and smaller circles in a comforting series of colours.13. OMFGDogs (warning: flashing colours) Source: OMFGDOGSDogs run across your screen, accompanied by eye-popping colours and 8-bit music. STIMULATING.14. Pointer Pointer Source: Into TimeJust lovely, lovely colours morphing gently into one another and dividing as you click the mouse. Exactly what you’ll need after looking at the other 14 sites in this list.Many of these via The Useless Web7 bizarre corners of YouTube you may not be aware of>The dos and don’ts of taking selfies>last_img read more

Direct Democracy Ireland appeal for a no vote in Court of Appeal

first_imgONE POLITICAL PARTY is calling for a no vote in the referendum on establishing a Court of Appeal.Direct Democracy Ireland founder, Raymond Whitehead told TheJournal.ie that he will be voting against it, arguing that if this referendum is passed, people won’t have any recourse to the Supreme Court in most cases.“This is a farce,” said Whitehead.Democracy deficitWhen asked if there was enough debate about the establishment of a Court of Appeal he said the Seanad debate was taking up most of debate time, stating: “It is diversionary. We have a democracy deficit in this country. This will be the final nail in the coffin of this country in terms of democracy and the right to justice.”He added: “The government want to speed up the justice system, as there are delays in having appeals heard by the Supreme Court. But it will only speed it up in the interests of government and corporate interests. Sometimes democracy can be slow, but shouldn’t we be looking before we leap. Haven’t we learned from the past. Why are we rushing justice. Look where it got us before, rushing in at 3am in the morning with the bank bailout.”How will it work?He said he didn’t believe the government had given an adequate outline as how the Court of Appeal would clear the backlog of appeal cases that the Supreme Court is experiencing, adding that the government have not specified what their “plan b” is if it doesn’t get passed.“What is their plan then, they haven’t told us, so how can they expect us to vote on something when we don’t know the consequences of voting for or against it,” he said.In their flyer, Direct Democracy state that the long delays in having an appeal to the Supreme Court can be beneficial to mortgage holders in distress as it can delay the repossession process for banks in repossessing homes.Whitehead said he believed the establishment of a Court of Appeal would have unintended consequences and urged people to get informed.If you would like more information about the upcoming referendum on October 4, please visit the Referendum 2013 website here. Read: Here is Alan Shatter’s quick guide to the Court of Appeal referendum>Column: Irish politics won’t change until people demand accountability from leaders>last_img read more

Ceann Comhairle Parliament has to be independent of Government

first_imgCEANN COMHAIRLE SEÁN Barrett has said that granting limited speaking rights to TDs who have been expelled from their parliamentary party was about “upholding a principle that all TDs have a right to speak in the parliament”.The leader of the Dáil was speaking to RTÉ’s The Week in Politics after a week in which he surprised many, including the government, by allowing members of the Reform Alliance and former Labour parliamentary party TDs speaking time during Dáil debates.Explaining his decision, Barrett told the programme: “There’s a growing number of people who are not aligned to political parties now in the Dáil and I found it necessary to make certain that we needed a structure where they would have their rights to speak.”The Committee on Procedures and Privileges (CPP) now meets this Wednesday to consider whether the expelled TDs can join the Technical Group to gain further speaking time and committee membership.Barrett told RTÉ that he would like the CPP to be consulted more often, saying: “Parliament has to be independent of Government.”Dáil Standing Orders currently prevent TDs who have been expelled from their parliamentary parties from joining the Technical Group.But as TheJournal.ie reported on Saturday, the government is now of the view that if a TD mounts a legal challenge to a refusal to allow them membership of the Technical Group they would be able to join it.However the group’s whip Catherine Murphy said such an arrangement involving over two dozen independent TDs would be difficult to manage this with the “slim-pickings” already afford to the Technical Group in terms of staff and resources.In any case several expelled TDs including members of the Reform Alliance of ex-Fine Gael parliamentary party members have indicated they would not be interested in joining the group.Read: Can expelled TDs join the Dáil Technical Group? Here’s why it’s ‘as clear as mud’Read: Reform Alliance members want appointments to Oireachtas committeesMore: ‘Exiled’ party members granted speaking rights in Dáillast_img read more

National state of calamity in Philippines as Irish aid agencies call for

first_imgTHE PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino has declared a national state of calamity as the country continues to deal with the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.The declaration allows the government to impose price controls and quickly release emergency funds three days after the typhoon flattened entire towns.Countless bodies have been scattered across wastelands with desperation building as communities are left without food, water and medicine.(An aerial image taken from a Philippine Air Force in Guiuan, Eastern Samar province. AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)A national emergency has also  been declared with security forces struggling to contain looting.“In the coming days, be assured, help will reach you faster and faster,” Aquino said in a televised address.“My appeal to you all is: remaining calm, praying, cooperating with, and assisting one another are the things that will help us to rise from this calamity.”US marines have joined the effort to rescue famished survivors of the typhoon that may have killed 10,000 people.Irish aidYesterday, the Irish Government announced a €1 million fund for emergency aid to help with the relief effort. Tánaiste Éamon Gilmore said today that the Government is working closely with aid agencies with communications a major problem being faced:Irish organisation Dóchas, which acts as an umbrella group for Irish aid agencies, has set up website HowYouCanHelp.ie to provide information to those who wish to help with the relief effort.“This website sets out the principles of good emergency relief, and the many ways in which members of the public can assist the Irish aid agencies to do their work,” said Dóchas director Hans Zomer.Additional reporting by © – AFPRead: ‘Absolute bedlam’ as 4 million people affected by Philippines typhoon >Read: Typhoon death toll could reach 10,000 in one city alone >last_img read more

World Diabetes Day urges people to get proactive about their health

first_imgTO MARK WORLD Diabetes Day tomorrow, diabetes experts and groups are urging people to be proactive about their health and get tested for the disease.It’s predicted that by 2015, more than 194,000 people in Ireland will have diabetes.This is according to Diabetes Ireland who said, however, that without a register of people who have diabetes no one can be entirely sure how many people In Ireland live with the disease.Over 60sCurrently it is believed that one in 20 people have diabetes and one in eight people over 60 have it.The International Diabetes Federation says 371 million people in the world have diabetes and that one out of every two people with diabetes don’t even know they have it.For those people who live with diabetes, doctors are asking people to look after themselves by ensuring they are taking the appropriate steps to combat the risks of the disease.One risk the people who suffer from diabetes face is the possibility of blindness.Speaking to TheJournal.ie, Dr David Keegan, eye surgeon at the Mater Hospital and the Irish College of Ophthalmologist’s representative on the National Diabetic Retinal Screening Programme, said this is one of the conditions that can sneak up on people with diabetes.He said that people that suffer from diabetes should get regular eye exams in order to detect early symptoms of eye disease and enable effective treatment.He said the new National Diabetic Retinal Screening Programme announced this year aims to prevent sight loss for those with the condition.The screening programme aims to reach, over time, an estimated growing population of 190,000 patients aged 12 and older with diabetes in Ireland. “All sufferers of diabetes that are on the national register should be invited to get tested within the next 14 months,” he said.BlindnessDiabetes related eye disease  is a leading cause of new blindness among adults in Ireland, with over 18,000 people in Ireland estimated to have diabetic retinopathy.“People who have diabetic retinopathy often don’t notice change in their vision in the diseases early stages, but as it progresses, the disease usually causes vision loss that in many cases cannot be reversed, he said, adding that a regular examination by an eye doctor will enable early diagnosis and mean the treatment options to prevent sight loss,” he said.He said people can be walking around “oblivious” that their eye condition is progressing, that’s why it is so important get early detection and treatment. Of those that are detected on 25 per cent need a referral and only 5 per cent need treatment.Dr Keegan advises that the best protection against the progression of diabetic retinopathy and many other diabetic complications is good diabetic control of blood sugar and blood pressure and awareness of the risks.“The best medicine for diabetes is looking after your blood sugar levels, keeping them below 7 and not smoking,” he said.Some of the signs commonly experienced include: Frequent urinationExcessive thirstIncreased hungerWeight lossTirednessLack of interest and concentrationA tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or feetBlurred visionFrequent infectionsSlow-healing woundsVomiting and stomach pain (often mistaken as the flu)The development of type 1 diabetes is usually sudden and dramatic while the symptoms can often be mild or absent in people with type 2 diabetes, making this type of diabetes hard to detect.If you think you have these signs and symptoms, consult with your doctor today.Read: More than half of Irish people over 50 have two or more chronic diseases>Read: Could your soft drink habit give you diabetes?>last_img read more

Three men rescued in slavery raid by British police

first_imgTHREE MEN, ALL believed to be victims of slavery, have been rescued by British police.Police officers investigating forced labour and human trafficking carried out a series of raids in the Bristol area earlier today at three traveller sites, a business unit and two houses.The Avon and Somerset police force said the three male victims – one in his 30s, one in his 40s and one in his 50s  – found during the searches have been taken to a safe place and are being given help and support.Two people have been arrested on suspicion of slavery offences.The raids were the result of a five-week investigation following intelligence built up by detectives. A senior police officer said the inquiry is ongoing and complex.“We know from talking with other police forces and charities… that victims in such cases are often forced to live and work in poor and unsanitary conditions, sometimes with little or no pay,” said Chief Superintendent of Avon and Somerset Constabulary Julian Moss.“Some of those affected will not view themselves as victims and, even if they do, may have been unable to speak to the police or any other authorities for a variety of reasons,” he said.“To the outside world the fear and intimidation faced by victims of forced labour on a daily basis are difficult to comprehend. Today’s operation is a very visible statement of our intent to protect people from this type of exploitation,” he said.He also pre-empted some speculation about the people who were arrested. “It’s important to recognise that the actions of a small minority of people are not reflective of the wider Travelling community,” he said.“Similar investigations in other parts of the country show the issue of forced labour, domestic servitude and human trafficking is prevalent in many areas of society,” said Moss.Police arrested five other people in connection with the case on charges ranging from money laundering, handling stolen goods, cannabis production and failing to appear. A large sum of cash was found at one of the addresses while cannabis plants were discovered at another location searched by officers.Read: London slavery case couple were leaders of a Maoist collective > Read: Concerns over Irish procedures for handling domestic slavery cases >last_img read more

AIB silent over bonus plan for top executives government says policy hasnt

first_imgTHE DEPARTMENT OF Finance confirmed to TheJournal.ie that the government “has not changed its policy position” in relation to compensation of Irish bankers in bailed-out banks.Bloomberg reported today that the Allied Irish Bank (AIB), which needed a €21 billion bailout from the tax-payer, approached the government in relation to setting up an incentive plan to retain top executives.Awards for senior staffIt is reported that chairman David Hodgkinson had discussions with officials at the Department of Finance on reintroducing long-term awards for senior staff at the bank when it returns to profit.When asked about the plans for an “incentive plan” for executives and whether representations were made to government in relation to the proposal, AIB said they had “no comment”.No changeA spokesperson for the Department of Finance said that “no discussions” are underway about AIB’s idea to incentivise executives to stay in the job.The salaries of those working in the bank were capped and bonuses scrapped after the bank’s rescue by the State.Minister for Finance Michael Noonan said last week that the state may seek to sell a stake in AIB before the next general election in 2016.Read: Noonan says bank debt deal cannot be ‘actively’ pursued until 2015>Read: Howlin says officials looking for lost documents – but Department won’t say if they are>last_img read more

Nicky Byrne announced as new 2fm midmorning host

first_imgNicky’s no stranger to 2fm, having presented Celebrity Sunday back in 2010 and filled in for Ryan Tubridy for a short while in May 2013.He said he’s “very excited” about taking up his new role:The thought of being on air Monday to Friday is daunting but very, very exciting. It is a massive opportunity for me, one in which I hope I can deliver on forming a successful relationship with the station for many years to come. Now it’s time to start planning, developing and presenting my new show and I really can’t wait to get chatting to our listeners nationwide daily.Last week, Republic of Telly’s Bernard O’Shea and Jennifer Maguire were confirmed as the hosts of the revamped breakfast show.The pair will be joined by Keith Walsh, formerly of Phantom 105.2′s Joe & Keith show – the new hosts are taking over from Hector Ó hEochagáin, who left the show back in December.Jennifer Maguire and Bernard O’Shea confirmed as new 2fm breakfast hosts> NICKY BYRNE HAS been added to RTÉ 2fm’s new lineup, hosting the brand new Nicky Byrne Show from 11am on weekdays.The ex-Westlife star is the latest addition to the roster after the station’s big shake-up, with a full new schedule to be announced in the coming weeks.The station once again made the big reveal by way of Twitter:last_img read more

Flights and ferry crossings impacted by bad weather

first_imgHEAVY SNOW IN Belfast has forced the closure of the runway at George Best Belfast City Airport.Persistent snowfall has resulted in the airport’s decision to “snow close” the runway until at least 8.30am this morning, while the airport itself remains open.In a statement issued at 6.30am this morning, the airport advised passengers to check with their airline before travelling to the airport.The airport have said that they will be providing updates throughout the day via Twitter and Facebook, with the next update expected at 8.30am.Separately, bad weather has forced the cancellation of all Irish Ferries Jonathan Swift fast craft sailings between Dublin and Holyhead.These include the 8.45am and 2.30pm sailings from Dublin and the 11.50am and 5.15pm sailings from Holyhead.Irish Ferries have said that passengers that were booked on any of these cancelled services will be accommodated on the MV Ulysses Cruise Ferry, which is operating as follows:Dublin to Holyhead 8:05am and 8.55pmHolyhead to Dublin 2.40am and 2.10pmRead: Flash floods and road warnings as heavy rain pours >last_img read more

Nice one NoMakeUpSelfie donations hit €1 million

first_imgIF YOU’RE ONE of the many, many people who have posted a photograph of yourself without make-up on social media in the past week, give yourself a pat on the back.The Irish Cancer Society has confirmed that it has now received €1 million in donations from people who have taken part in the #nomakeupselfie trend over the past week.Staff members at the cancer charity posted a photograph of themselves thanking everyone who has taken part so far.The viral way of donating money began with women posting photographs of themselves without make-up, and spread to men taking photographs of themselves either with or without make-up.Many participants have donated €4 euro to the Irish Cancer Society by texting a specific number, before nominating friends, family and colleagues to carry on the trend.If every participant has donated the same €4 amount, it would mean that 250,000 people have so far donated to the charity in just one week.The trend is believed to have started after a US crime novelist tweeted a photograph of herself without make-up in solidarity with 81-year-old actress Kim Novak who was criticised for her appearance at the Oscars.Read: #NoMakeupSelfie craze causes flood of donations to Irish Cancer Society > Column: #NoMakeupSelfies abound, but where’s the barefaced truth on social media? >last_img read more

Man dies after his van collides with a tree in Co Cork

first_imgA MAN IN his late fifties has died after the van he was driving struck a tree at Dromagh in Co. Cork this morning.The crash happened at about 10am on the N72 Mallow to Killarney Road at Dysert Bridge.The man was the sole occupant of the van and was pronounced dead at the scene. He was then taken to Cork University Hospital where a post-mortem is due to take place tomorrow.The road is currently closed as garda investigators examine the scene and diversions are in place.Gardaí are appealing for witnesses or anyone who was on the N72 at Dromagh between 9.45am and 10.30am to contact them at Kanturk Garda Station.Read: Elderly pedestrian killed after being struck by a 4×4 in Kilkenny >Read: Gardaí search for missing motorbike after fatal Dublin crash >last_img read more

500 millionyearold fossil named after Johnny Depp

first_imgIn truth I am also a bit of a Depp fan and so what better way to honour the man than to immortalise him as an ancient creature that once roamed the seas?The 505 million-year-old fossil Legg discovered would have lived in very shallow seas off the coast of Canada during the Cambrian period when nearly all modern animal types emerged. At the time, the coastline would have been situated much closer to the equator than it is now and the sea temperature would have been much hotter than it is now.The researcher believes that the creature would have used its large Edward Scissorhands-like claws to capture prey or to probe the sea floor looking for sea creatures hiding in the sediment.Kooteninchela deppi was about four centimetres long with large eyes with many lenses, similar to the compound eyes of a fly. It was an early relation of arthropods, which includes spiders, scorpions, centipdes, insects and crabs.The ‘scissor-like’ fossilised claws of the Kooteninchela depi (Image: Imperial College London) Read: Dublin boys win Lego award for robot reminding people to take medicines > Read: Man sticks finger into table saw to prove his invention works > Read: Do you like to tell a fib? Don’t worry, it’s part of evolution > ON THE FACE of it, they don’t seem to have a lot in common.One is 500 million years old, the other is a sprightly 49. One lived in the sea while the other plays a character who sails the seas. One was a scavenger with a elongated spine and millipede-like legs, while the other has been named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine.And yet, a scientist at Imperial College London saw enough of a similarity between an ancient fossilised creature and Johnny Depp to name his discovery after the actor.David Legg discovered the now-extinct ancestor of lobsters and scorpions during his research and decided to name it Kooteninchela deppi after Johnny Depp for his role in Edward Scissorhands due to the similarities between the character’s appendages and the creature’s claws.“When I first saw the pair of isolated claws in the fossil records of this species I could not help but think of Edward Scissorhands,” said Legg. “Even the genus name, Kootenichela, includes the reference to this film as ‘chela’ is Latin for claws or scissors.”last_img read more

Union donates €10000 to Greyhound workers support fund

first_imgTHE UNITE TRADE union has today donated €10,000 to support the 70 Greyhound Recycling workers in Dublin who are currently on strike.The dispute arose after workers rejected a Labour Court recommendation that pay should be reduced. Unite’s regional secretary Jimmy Kelly today visited workers on the picket line outside the Clondalkin recycling plant and presented a cheque to the SIPTU Greyhound Workers Support Fund.He told workers that they can count on the solidarity of the entire trade union movement.“We are sending a very clear message from this picket line to Greyhound: you are not simply dealing with a small group of workers,” he commented. “You are dealing with the trade union movement.”Members of Unite and of other unions know that the treatment being meted out to Greyhound workers represented by SIPTU is the concern of all workers and all unions. The workers can count on our solidarity.SIPTU shop steward Jesse Hughes said the solidarity shown by trade union members across the country is “reinforcing our resolve to see this dispute through to the end”.He said the donation, along with other donations, will mean they can continue with their industrial action “until the company realises it can not treat its workforce as if it was 1913″.Greyhound owner Michael Buckley has previously said the company needs to get to a certain level of savings or there “will be no jobs for anybody”. He said the emergence of a number of other bin collection and recycling services has made competition fierce.Read: Social welfare staff are being told to refuse dole payments to ‘locked out’ Greyhound workers>Read: SIPTU vs Greyhound: Row escalates amid claims of ‘harassment and abuse’>last_img read more