The method of how to send the soft high rate of audit

whether it is Shanghai dragon or the Electronic Commerce released the task will be released a submitted article each big forum experience, so how to effectively speed your successful information release and smoothly through the audit? Take A5. When you release the successful audit, the article was reproduced is to increase your exposure rate. Then the problem comes. What can be issued


, the first practical and original

remember that advertising irrelevant information

second, a rational structure of read more

The rules of the robots protocol and the basic method

allows all search engine spiders crawling. If want to let a search engine spider crawling list name behind. If a repeat, write.

file name is lowercase letters.

wildcard *

Pay attention to the following:

, robots

The corresponding

Allow: /index.php allows the site of index.php

Disallow: /*.jpg all JPG files are prohibited.

The basic syntax of file should be placed in the root directory of the web siteThe


The basic concept of

User-Agent: *

For example:

Allow key

must have a robot.txt file. read more

Analysis of the causes of the sudden fall of love Shanghai website ranking

four: from the site outside the chain to find the reasons, we know that the site outside the chain of a variety of forms, but a lot of the chain in the form of very poor quality, such as BBS signature of the chain, the text of the chain, the chain of these poor quality often become victims of love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, so to win with quality in the construction of the chain, quality assurance at the same time, then.

is the site because of excessive lead optimization of Shanghai dragon will be right, but some people are optimistic that this is a normal adjustment to love Shanghai, as long as you keep going content updates, the chain construction site, ranking after a period of time still can come back, in fact, these two views are there is a certain one sidedness, the author thinks that only the investigation will have the right to speak, the fundamental reason the following is a summary of the author’s website Shanghai ranked the sudden fall of love read more

Do Shanghai dragon do not just outside the chain

two, a page description tag, description.

internal website optimization mainly includes page and website structure, website structure is clear, is not what distance home near the general problem, and page optimization, need to pay attention to not only visual enjoyment.

3. to be able to attract click, allowing users to see it better, bring click more, the ranking will be more effect.

description is much lower than the importance of the title, so most of the owners are not too concerned about the description tag, sometimes even in the article are spider grab yourself, although not what impact on the ranking, but for the user experience, not very friendly. Written description to be careful not to repeat with the title, nor the accumulation of a large number of keywords, the most important thing is to form a sentence. read more

love Shanghai and talk about the snapshot of the little things

query page crawl range, how to understand this? In fact, when we want to query the web crawling, snapshot and then we can go to click on the page, look inside to grab things. In your query snapshot of the time, you have to pay attention to, we search words appear in this snapshot page the word can have different colors, to give it a mark. For a case of "love Shanghai spiders crawl, we can have a clear snapshot of the judgment.

I have seen a case, the name of the site is "Xicihutong" I think for practitioners, here the hair of the chain, the anchor text is relatively easy. Then, when I was thinking, why do I send the anchor text of the chain, then the management does not delete, nor T, I feel very strange. To find out, I put my hair to love Shanghai included in the page, search, open a snapshot of a look, the original jump and shielding. Imagine, such a chain of the anchor text for the keyword of the website promotion should not, even some users interested in point into next. read more

How to quickly improve the ability of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon is an important part of network marketing for composition, brand building, we should pay more attention to multi-channel grasp, and the search engine on this show and exposure should be more good grasp, which has also been a number of enterprises in Shanghai dragon key project included. Shanghai dragon industry market is expanding, so the integration of a large number of talents, however, Shanghai dragon is a academic research, more needs to enhance the ability of self, to be able to get wide attention and recognition in the industry, but also can improve product visibility and conversion rate, enhance the value of their own position in the enterprise. read more

A5 optimization team front end optimization optimization in Shanghai Dragon


enabled Keep-Alive

caching technology to improve the loading speed of the page, as some frequently changing documents, set up a relatively long time expired, so when the user visits the site, will leave the cache in its browser, when it is the next request, in the slow.

the speed of the site is a lot of people are facing the problem, in fact, many websites are not to optimize the loading speed specially, for a web site, not only to accelerate and improve the user experience (if a website is not open, in a few seconds the choice of most users is closed rather than waiting for, but also for the Shanghai Phoenix) the flow also has a great influence, so we can understand: site speed and page loading speed is faster, so at the same time, the search engine spiders crawl page also, thus increasing the final flow growth, included. Obviously, the speed of the site is Shanghai dragon flow. Then the acceleration in the website, how should we do? A5 www. zhenduan贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng optimization team that the following points: read more

Effect of website ranking six reasons


give more love Shanghai website, that Baidu this site more trust, that website can give users a help, it is not difficult to find row >

Now linksThe correlation between

refer to the title, content, description, chief was set up these three labels just to determine the site to make the search engine more accurate theme, so as to obtain the ranking. A novice webmaster if the label set is not very understanding, you can search some information to look at, or how to reference set in love Shanghai home site. read more

How close the love Shanghai bidding for mobile devices

love Shanghai to integrate PC and mobile devices:

have not denied, due to the large number of Internet users begin to transfer to the mobile terminal, the starting point of this approach is the love of Shanghai, in order to give phoenix nest promotion user bring more traffic, hoping to bring a better promotion effect to the customer.

4. communication is not convenient: as we all know, the mobile.

mobile terminal promotion effect will be not ideal?

browse time fragmentation: Although the use of the mobile terminal is more and more, but careful observation will find that users use mobile terminal browsing behavior is fragmented state. Most of the users are using a mobile terminal on the bus, subway, or travel time. Browse the fragmentation of time, lead directly to the user did not have enough time to digest the advertising information, also do not have enough time to make a purchase decision. read more

Analysis how to give customers the rapid diagnosis of the site

from the user’s point of view


use love stand indicators, network diagnosis domain name age, PR Google snapshot date, included the total number and proportion of external links, here, there is doubt, doubt why not love Shanghai weight? The Google PR is not a long time not updated? Please listen to the little horse said slowly.

in Shanghai dragon knows that when we do a keyword, to a comprehensive understanding of our competitors, namely the use of tools to analyze its strength, and we write the countermeasure, Shanghai dragon is the role of diversification, competitor analysis site not foot is to defeat the opponent, and analysis of the customer the site is insufficient to heal, to, in front of customers we are doctors, and the website is the patient, we also need this time will be the site of an analysis. read more

8 common problems love Shanghai snapshot BAT

let me search through the word "Shanghai Dragon Technology", in order to show the screenshot shows a snapshot of the Shanghai show love:

2, love Shanghai with a snapshot of how

this is a picture of my search by Shanghai Dragon technology, click on the result of the love Shanghai snapshot, you can see the red box there are some things, snapshot and this page is love Shanghai, can let us see what we want to see the web page quickly.

has a relationship, because the search results also show love Shanghai snapshot snapshot of time is the time, that is to say that is what time, what time is this snapshot, so love Shanghai snapshot not in real time. read more

Do not make me burn optimization of Shanghai Dragon

first, for the new station, in the search engine performance is insufficient, the weight of the site search engine is very low, so the new article is difficult to be included in the search engine, at the same time the snapshot is not updated every day, want to let search engine crawl out to visit your site, two or three months is not optimized it is very difficult to achieve. I burn nets in the search engine performance is very good, the weight is also very high, when you put your site synchronization to I burn nets, it is easy to be indexed by search engines. read more

Accurate prediction methods and steps of Web site keywords flow

can be seen from the table number of "notebook" this word search times than the query tool, can compare several words flow, keyword search number comes in this industry and low proportion. The more accurate statistical data, various industries are different, which requires a detailed analysis of the statistics of Shanghai dragon.

from the table can see very clearly, love on the number of search hits = * love Shanghai is expected to flow, the flow is expected to integrate all the words to get website estimated flow. Considering there are a lot of long tail words and Google, YAHOO can bring traffic, so that the search the minimum flow rate remained at 13728. But someone will ask, such integration who will, the most important is the month the number of search, ranking and click rate to estimate, this is the most critical, carefully the following introduction. read more

After the site was K my hard road to recovery

1, the server is not stable. Because around August the site was attacked two times at the beginning of September, returned to normal, but in September was not stable, the server had trouble;

feel good to have 贵族宝贝user.qzone.qq贵族宝贝/2655646224/2 to the point of a praise, thank you.

these are some of my experience and harvest, thank you.

the recovery is my greatest achievement is to verify this sentence "regardless of your site how to optimize, how to modify, as long as it is consistent with the interests of users, fit the user experience, are beneficial to your ranking, even TDK is not cannot be modified, not to mention I was a direct modification of the entire station TDK. read more

Analysis of the factors behind the website ranking is not stable

In fact, But

, a web site to avoid major revision


site security is a big problem in website optimization, can be said that if there is no network >


website ranking has some unstable factors, this is the website of Shanghai dragon optimization pain, if the money engage PPC, then there is no such a tangle, but PPC expensive is lie between the website operation Juli stumbling block, then there is no way to let the website ranking as far as possible in the same stable a page, not today website ranking is tomorrow’s home page, the website rankings fell out of 100, which is better than the current stock market is still painful. read more

A nonprofit website Google website Shanghai dragon suggested diagnosis report

Incubation Center |1

charity twinning

a few weeks ago, we had invited nonprofit public webmasters to submit their website to search the quality of our team, participate in the activities of our online diagnosis. Thanks to actively participate in the activities of the public webmaster! Now we submitted according to the website, summed up some areas for improvement, and provides some suggestions and resources you can get from Google. Although the site diagnosis mainly for non-profit public website, but we believe that our proposed improvements will make benefit to other sites. read more

Wangzhuan novice guide beware of Wangzhuan five temptationsWhat kind of English website can make mon

now has a lot of fund invested sites on the Internet, and it shows how big it is. After the investment, 10 days, 30 days back to ben. This investment is similar to the Pyramid model, the upper is back, but most are not back to the station, because it will run away when raising to a certain amount of if not run away, the scale is big enough, the government will give up, and all the money confiscated, because this is involved in illegal fund-raising.

station? This is a lot to do the confusion problem!! since the emergence of GG, many webmaster pull the front to go abroad, but to understand English or don’t know. English webmaster, do a English station is more difficult. The English stands are more competitive than the Chinese stations, because the competition among advertisers is so fierce, so the publisher’s competition is very fierce. There are hundreds of competitors in any type of site. It’s hard to make an English stand and do it well. read more

The network everywhere is how much gold you picked up265 on the computer garbage clean up optimizati

thank you for support for the coalition partners has been!

someone might say we’re all grass roots and we don’t have any products, so the methods you say don’t work at all. If a friend with such attitude to Wangzhuan, it only shows that you are not in the cycle of depression. A friend I know is from Guangdong, and it is said that there is a lot of sauna company there. People in Guangdong often go to the forums and groups to discuss where the sauna is good, which service bar?. The friend found a business opportunity immediately after the establishment of a sauna theme forums, the development of less than a month, there are nearly 10000 people registered, and then he began to go to the various sauna hall to pull advertising, monthly income of more than 10000 yuan. Of course, the competition in this market is already fierce, but the friend has made enough capital and started a new try. read more

Alternative income generating methods talk about online shop for decoration businessntroduce my Tao

Gong Hua said, now he can sell 1 or 2 sets of templates every day, the monthly income of about 6000 yuan.

I finally is the location of the couple necklace, which greatly reduces the keywords of the competition, and I do website is a single page, home page is the entire site, so the optimization of the difficulty is very small, the core keywords in the page can be more focused, and these words are on my home page. The relative weight will be relatively high, once included, often in the front row, and I also made reference to sh419 website optimization guide a good title, keywords and description’s work is basically completed the initial SEO optimization, and then update daily site appropriate content, do more optimization of long tail keywords, so as to make their sites ranked in the sh419 home page read more

AdSense and non shielding low prices advertising can increase revenueThe most cattle entrepreneurial

misunderstanding: my site advertising unit price is low, I heard that these low prices are blocked advertising, the price will go up, income is high.


eCPM reflects the profitability of web pages, that is, each one thousand PV can bring you much income. For advertising, this is the ad. How much revenue can you get if you show it one thousand times on your web page?.

entrepreneurship students, Wang Guosong is an absolute leader. Wang Guosong is a northeastern Liaoning, the words boy is now a Yunnan. read more