Talking about the experience of webmaster and CPS platform cooperation

everyone knows, since the Taobao fire up, many people began to do business CPS platform. To do such a platform, in fact, is very simple, there is no secret to speak of, and if you find some of the purchase channels or agents of some goods, you can also do CPS platform. But premise you have certain operation ability and capital strength, otherwise manufacturer does not believe you. Because Li Changjia is the traditional sales come, and if you have different sales performance, can also become the chips of cooperation. read more

What kind of product website is worth insisting on

some seemingly plausible words often conflict with other reasonable words.

success depends on perseverance." "Tomorrow is good, but most of us die tonight."." Where there is a will, there is a way."

"direction is more important than effort."." When you are in the wrong direction, persistence will only make you fall more heavily."

the last few words are important. What follows is the importance of direction.

who is important? Who is important?. It’s best to find the right direction and stick to it. read more

On the final characterization of the 64 state

is always asking the question, and many people are asking the question, and I always have this problem myself. The answers to the search are multifarious. Today I will give this final characterization, I hope useful to you.

‘s question about 64, there are many answers on the network. I looked dizzy, and literally, the more confused the more complex, the more difficult to get the answer, want to solve the problem, the door is not, so I thought of their own practice.

1, why do we attach so much importance to the status of 64? Because we see a lot of people on the Internet, what is 200064, K station, what is the sign?. So panic. To think about it, there is no cause for alarm. Absolutely unnecessary. Because it was said. read more

Soft Wen sentiment the first soft Wen brought me what

April 1, 2008 was an unforgettable day for me, and I became a station master this day. The establishment of the experience here is not tired, I went straight into the topic.

I built the station on the 5 day, and then added some content. Before, I have some promotion articles in the webmaster online, according to the teachings of the predecessors to try out, but in the evening, did not see the spider trail, even in the numbers of IP and PV, is still ugly circle". That’s what I expected, rookie, and it’s nothing strange. At this point, I want admin to say – write the soft text. read more

Poor travel network the definition of poor set up the profit

in February 2004 by the European China students founded the poor travel network, then, have a poor word pop. From the BBS to the community, from UGC to PGC, from paper to electronic reading content, poor travel experience Chinese tourism is gradually flourishing, also made a good definition for their existence.

Beijing Lang Park Vintage20 building is a poor tour of the Beijing headquarters, it is difficult to imagine now has more than 100 employees, in 2011 along with COO Cai Jinghui, only 4 employees, even though it has been founded for 7 years. read more

The online recruitment market in the pattern of an initial small local recruitment website gradually

according to foreign media reports, China’s online recruitment market demand continued to grow recently, and online recruitment market competition has improved. More and more employers are choosing online advertising rather than traditional print advertising. It can be said that the online recruitment market is good or bad, is a barometer of the entire recruitment market. From another perspective, at a time when college students graduate employment peak, a large number of fresh talent into the job market, job demand increases, the premise is widespread in the application of online recruitment, online recruitment will inevitably bring about the growth of the market demand. read more

ndustry website design is different from enterprise website design

in the website construction profession, the enterprise website is different from the profession website. In fact, the industry website design is different from the enterprise website design, the industry website in creative style, the overall layout, picture integration, text sorting, spatial structure, etc., should have a tight spatial logic. For web designers, consider any details when you’re doing an industry website.

, for any web designer, there are several issues that have to be considered when doing industry websites read more

Enterprise web site long tail keywords more important than the main keywords


chat and a friend, he said in Baidu for bidding, the results are not good, earn money to go to Baidu. He asked what I have suggested to him. I said, give up your present main keywords, long tail keywords do.

why do the long tail keywords? There are several reasons: first, the long tail keywords burn money not see, some popular keywords in Baidu bidding put up a long queue. Although only a few hundred search volume, but the bidding is 10, 8 sites in doing. Of course, the first can get good traffic, but also in the distressed burn – because everyone wants to be first, so the price is bound to be lifted up. And in the back of the site, traffic will be much less, but also affect the performance of the company. Second, the long tail keywords to traffic more accurate, to "milk tea franchise forum" ( this station as an example. We can think about the keywords related to tea: how much money? What is the tea brand? Search these words is not more tea training institutions need? And if only do "tea" the primary key, so there are probably a lot of competitors in the search of the word, and your opponent is not in this way good for you, might have had bad…… Third, long tail keywords flow easier to obtain. First of all, because the competition is not large, you can absolutely do not have to vote for auction, a few simple steps can allow the site to increase the flow of many. Second, if you don’t know and don’t want to do it yourself, then give the professional SEO to do it, and the small competition long tail keyword can cost less website optimization than popular key keywords. Fourth, the long tail keyword more flow! Maybe you will be immediately dismissed: what? How the flow of long tail keywords is better than popular keywords? Indeed, a popular keyword search volume may be tens of thousands, and a long tail keyword may be only a few dozen. But have you ever thought that only a few popular keywords, and the long tail is thousands and thousands of read more

JavaScript it might be useful to break all the wrong rules

Beijing time this morning, from the Twitter front end engineer Angus Crol, at the JSConf conference in Berlin, was titled "Break all the Rulez" speech, mainly talked about some we usually think is wrong not the use of things, is actually useful. In this paper, the following speech with slides. in the United States, the father of JavaScript see slides also said: I agree with the majority view (it seems there are still a problem?).

below, I’ll translate the main points briefly, without extending the explanation,. read more

101 indicators of a perfect website The sixth part Performance

The performance of the

site is related to the user experience, allowing the site to support more users and keeping each user short of time is our goal. Performance improvements are based on database optimizations, efficient HTML code rendering, and content caching. Here are some rules for improving the performance of your web site:

optimizes the database design

The rational use of

Index, the efficient use of the SQL statement, reduce the full table scan of the database table, just return the necessary data, these are very effective ways of database optimization, database is often the performance bottleneck of a web site, you need to continue to optimize the database, improve the performance of every point are not worth mentioning, cumulative will bring a qualitative change. read more

Analysis of the status quo of the free space for the old stationmaster

I do a period of time in the IDC industry, there are many of my clients eventually become friends with me to talk about the use of free space, then talk to me about the use of free space consequences, then in order to save expenses, and then use the free space station, the results of your hard to do for a few months the site was closed, time and energy is wasted. Also has a small part, in order to start a business study, the friend that builds a station tells me to say free space how how good, the author laughs but doesn’t speak, know that that is just the problem of time. Most people, however, still don’t use space for free. Here, the author sums up the experience of some friends and sums up the reasons why many people eventually give up free space and use the paid space. read more

f one day nternet protection original Adsense will be passive

The issue of copyright on the

has not been conclusive. China has fought against piracy for many years and has failed to beat it, so it has been repeated. Because the public has these needs, the demand of the masses is not a good one. In China, the piracy market is booming and booming. Now there is a copycat version, piracy is more stately on the market.

On the issue of copyright in the Internet is not

DaoBuMing, there has been no clear provisions on copyright. Moreover, the Internet is a platform for sharing resources, and copyright issues are more difficult to solve. Webmaster news, "a beautiful woman from the Internet song 24, was sentenced to $1 million 930 thousand compensation," this kind of thing in China is very difficult to imagine. The social environment is different and the views of the same events are different. Some time ago, copyright issues on film and television works have become a hot spot, and many forums have also discussed whether video sites need to pay for copyright issues. read more

A reflection on the webmaster flows down the farmers

these two years, QQ, non mainstream web sites ruthless fire, so in September last year, but also follow suit, built a QQ space module station. Buy space, registered domain name (when there is no good idea, it registered the domain name, upload programs, add articles (then elected purple field, not bad, the space is pretty stable. Domain name is also registered in purple field. It’s not just advertising for them, just telling the truth. In this way, a simple site has been built. And then to Baidu, GOOGLE to submit, and so on included. At that time, do not know what the rapid collection of methods, only to let nature take its course. After waiting for about two weeks, GOOGLE began to include; a month later, Baidu included. read more

sell Alibaba integrity through the experience

let me introduce myself first. My Chen, my chen. Very garbage name. Since the middle of September, relying on the station can not survive, and only choose to do business.

one day to see the talent market Alibaba in the company, is the name of Ma banner to fill a resume, after returning home to see the interview card for a very long time to decide to go to the interview. Because there is a sentence above: "all failures are from late start.".

went to that company (not to mention it here) and saw that the company was quite a good size, with an estimated 200 people in the office area. After the written examination, interview, training finally left, did not think too much, the company asked us to the original graduation certificate (now still seizure), household registration certificate copy, copy of ID card and a series of documents. Starting formal work this Monday. read more

Don’t miss your work operation environment construction site

When the

in the planning and development of the website column, as the days after the operation, I think it is very necessary to consider this problem — construction site environment.

and, if someone asked me, what is the first step of website operation, I will tell him very firmly: don’t do the promotion, the first good internal strength, their website environment according to your business idea direction to tidy up.

generally speaking, the environment of the website is the atmosphere of the website. read more

Grassroots webmaster site long talk about their own standing experience

here, to A5 webmaster and say, fighting in the front line of the webmaster, webmaster hard! I entered this industry is a village from the Baidu search data network started, just to find a free website platform, casually do a website to play, then I got to know many webmaster friends, do not know how to ask them, then I found that there are such a large number of people is our webmaster in the internet. From this, I am very awe of our vast webmaster, because the entire Internet is not that a few portal can hold up, and the most important is our vast webmaster friends, read more

Do three years let me among the family

as a webmaster, especially as a female webmaster, do stand in a profound experience, in recent years has been struggling to run my website, the website with all my efforts, although this way sometimes feel very painful, because I was a girl. 80 girls, girls all love makeup, beauty, love shopping, but these to me is a luxury, in front of the computer for a day, I count, my online time per day on average in about 16-17 hours, sit to neck pain, sometimes feel only one where:

heart movement!

I put all the girls can enjoy these I had only changed on the website, and the website to share the fun, my "Youth" really spread in this industry of Internet, but I have no regrets, because of these, all of these now have been returned, bitter is a short that happiness is a permanent read more

Fire all over Beijing University Xu Xu 9 months from zero to 10 million is how to achieve

Abstract: a fresh founder Xu Han made no secret of his accustomed to the Internet circle than shouting, than subsidies, than the concept of ethos of disgust, he believed that the subsidy is moved, can stay true value.

if you didn’t experience it and just sit in on it, maybe it wasn’t a sexy story.

Xu Xu is a fruit electricity supplier, saying it is the electricity supplier, but it sounds like his business is simple and boring – just selling fruit this thing. Neither the first in Asia, such as Jingdong as spectacular storage base, also does not have the cold chain logistics system heavily built, even in many areas has already become the thing O2O standard "door-to-door service" is not to do a bit of fresh, it is a "high" requirements of users every day must be cold in the morning before ordering at noon after the user is permitted to run to the store from mentioning the fruit, and 48 hours not to mention a waiver. They never engage in crazy subsidies, nor advertising, in the capital has been heavily into the fresh electricity supplier market is particularly unique. read more

Adsense Operation website in the end what is missing

recently because of busy, and not very good communication with everyone. Today, standing in a row of QQ group, there is a friend looking for guardian chat, talking about he was doing 6 years of webmaster, unfortunately, now nothing, ask me as a webmaster in the end what is needed, what is missing?

do not know now how the data is, in 2010 monthly income of less than 1000 of the webmaster friends at least not less than 50%, many of my friends are looking for reasons, why can not successfully operate the site, can not be profitable. The Internet has also risen over the length of the article, Adsense how to achieve profitability, Adsense how to make money?. For these, the guardian does not want to talk too much, we have no one thought why they can not achieve profitability, read more