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first_imgAn overwhelming majority of British airline passengers think that there should be child-free zones on aeroplanes, the results of a new survey have revealed.Some 79 percent of respondents to the TripAdvisor poll said they wanted to see child-free areas on aircraft, while 88 percent of travellers without children said they would like to see the introduction of adults-only sections.Commenting on the findings, a TripAdvisor statement said: “The most demanding aspect of family getaways lies in travelling to the destination.”Nearly one-in-five (19 percent) of parents said that travelling with their children was the “biggest headache” of a family holiday, while 16 percent said that the greatest challenge was finding activities that everyone enjoys.It was also revealed that almost half (49 percent) of parents admitted to allowing their child to be absent from school for at least one day a year in order to accommodate travel plans.Separate research by TripAdvisor recently showed that a quarter of British travellers feel more nervous about travelling on Friday 13th than any other day of the year. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedHolidaying Brits more likely to sunbathe than visit cultural attractionsBrits spend more time sunbathing and drinking in bars than holidaymakers from other European countries.Family Travel: flying with kidsSkyscanner’s guide to flying with children.10 tips for flying with kids: secrets of travelling with toddlersHow to keep your kids happy at 30,000 feet: a frequent-flying mum reveals her top tips.last_img read more

David Pleats chalkboard

first_img 9 Feb 2009 13:47 Football tactics Share Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp MoscowVilla 9 Feb 2009 20:20 Facebook Report 9 Feb 2009 13:05 Share via Email Twitter Chicken100,Totally agree. But wtf do United know about clean sheets anyway!? ;o)I think we will be at our strongest once Arshavin is fitted somewhere into an attacking line that will be rotated and tweaked for every game. Our players will need to adapt and learn the importance of the team ethic, sitting out some games and coming off the bench. I mean, with Walcott and Eduardo returning, along with Cesc, I think we are in a position to maintain fresh legs for the run-in and push ourselves back into the top 4.It does feel like we are learning to defend again, it’s just that our creative juices aren;t flowing like they should. That’s where experience if often needed.Somebody mentioned Pires earlier and that is exactly the name that left my lips when Giggsy scored the winner yesterday. Hopefully Nasri will keep on doing what he does but I do wish Wenger would slot him into the centre a bit more – Denilson and Song played well but they are functional and we need a little bit more vision. 9 Feb 2009 20:13 Football tactics Topics Griffey Sportblog Share on Twitter Share on Twitter blogposts Share Share on Twitter | Pick Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook Share on Messenger Reuse this content,View all comments > Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 0 1 Reply 50 Report Facebook Email (optional) BrazilBranch Facebook collapsed Facebook Share on Facebook oldest Arsenal Share on Twitter Facebook Share on Facebook 9 Feb 2009 10:59 It really is interesting to watch the Gunners this season. 5th place is looking increasingly likely. Sure, they’re unbeaten in 10 league games, which sounds great, until you realise that they’ve only won four of those games. Seriously, 16 points from a possible 30, despite not being beaten, is still pathetic for a club of such aspirations.Were it not for Van Persie’s late equaliser at Goodison they’d only be 1pt up from Everton in 6th. What’s worse for Arsenal is that after Man U v Fulham next week, I fully expect them to be languishing 15pts behind Utd and it isn’t unreasonable for them to finish the season 15-20pts off top. True, no Rosicky, Fabregas, Eduardo (and now Adebayor), but nonetheless this is a massive regression for such a club.Will it take years to recover, especially if their playing stocks are raided by Europe’s more temporarily well-off/prestigious clubs and Arsene starts to consider his own future? Twitter Twitter Facebook David Pleat Twitter Share on Twitter I notice nobody mentioning the absolutely blatant penalty not given for the kick against Keane in the first few minutes, a far more clear cut decision than the disallowed goal. 1-0 spurs, the wind in their sails, Arsenal already looking rocky in the opening quarter, who knows what could’ve happened. Or what would’ve happened had the goal been allowed to stand. Pointless bickering, refs make mistakes, and both of these were understandable if wrong.They make far fewer and less important mistakes than players and coaches do, that’s for certain. Reply Report Report Share on Twitter 1 Loading comments… Trouble loading? Reply Report Threads collapsed Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick Share on Twitter Facebook Report Twitter Share on WhatsApp Share 0 1 All Share on Twitter 0 1 | Pick Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share Dougsey Report 0 1 Pires wanted a 2 year deal, Wenger only offered him 1. And if you remember his last season, Bob’s legs had gone. I’d’ve gladly kept him, but the league was too quick for him. What talent, other than Diarra, has he not held on to that have gone on to bigger and better things?As for the the rest of the players you mention, 3 are in a plummeting Portsmouth side, Bentley can’t get in the Spurs team, and Upson is a good player in a middling side, if he’s really got it, where are the bids from Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool? Facebook recommendations Twitter Share on Facebook Up4GrabsNow;If I have one criticism of Wenger’s record at Arsenal, it’s that he’s too often failed to build on success.Not once has he won two premier league titles in a row. Ferguson’s Man Utd win one, and use it as a platform to then turn that into two or three. In fact, only once has Ferguson won a lone title – the rest are all part of a pair or trio.No doubt Utd’s enduring excellence has played a part, but as far as I’m concerned, if you can construct a team capable of winning one title, you should be able to ensure that you have a side as good, or better, next season.It’s a competition of fine margins, but that’s the difference in sport. It’s those extra points or that extra fraction’s worth of speed that gets a title or a gold medal, respectively.Sure enough, his Arsenal also won two domestic doubles, and had that unbeaten season (which, apart from being novel, was in my opinion less impressive than Chelsea’s record 95pt/+57GD haul the following season, or Man Utd in 99/00 for that matter), but for my mind he’s too often finished second, even in major cup tournaments (having lost finals in the Champ Lg, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup).The man changed the Premier League totally when he came in, and it’s far better off for his involvement, but everyone else has caught up and Arsene is getting left behind now. The master is looking more an apprentice these days. Or maybe we should just look back at him one days not as a triumphant manager, but as more of the visionary catalyst for the rest of the competition. Report | Pick Share go8gr7gxbhux 3 Share Share on LinkedIn 0 1 9 Feb 2009 16:09 If Villa beat Chelsea and Arsenal beat Sunderland at home on the same day then Arsenal are two points behind Chelsea. Hardly that far off fourth.I think most of Arsenal’s problems come from midfield – the defenders don’t trust them, neither do the attackers. Most of them will only pass sideways. On their own Song & Denilson are quite good and show promise but put in the same midfield with Eboue and there’s just too much laziness there.First team available, Arsenal are a pretty good team however I can’t remember the last time I saw that. Adebayor definitely wouldn’t make it into the 1st team on form.I also thought Bendtner played particularly well yesterday – came on and worked very hard and made things happen.its not all doom and gloom at Arsenal. For me only two sides have been impressive this season – Manchester United & Villa (in patches). Facebook Twitter Shares00 | Pick Report Twitter 9 Feb 2009 14:09 View more comments Facebook Reply Reply 1 Share on Facebook Emmanuel Eboue gets his second yellow card. Photograph: Sang Tan/AP Share | Pick Report Report 0 1 Reply Report Reply Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share Twitter 9 Feb 2009 20:30 Report Jonwoo Yeah but when bigger clubs with lots of money come in with offers for Arsenal players, then they have to accept in their financial situation. I mean, Bristol City offered half a million pounds for Andy Cole! What were they going to do, say ´No´? 0 1 LondonEye Facebook Report Share Reply Unluckily sent off? What luck are we talking about? The luck that he didn’t receive a straight red for violent conduct and so miss the next 3 games? Strange comment by David Pleat. Generally, I’m not sure about Wenger’s wonderful restructuring saving the game, I just thought Spurs were abject, and Arsenal not much better.I agree Arsenal’s injury list has a lot of wonderful players, and Arshavin is a little wizard, but how long it will take him to get fit and then adapt to the English game I don’t know, I hope not long, and I hope Arsenal do pip Chelsea for 4th. Chelsea look a bit flat at the moment. Of course, the next league game, Villa at home to Chelsea is a huge one. If we can keep our form and confidence going, and knock Chelsea’s another step back, that could be the knock-out blow for them mentally. They are looking a bit psychologically frail. Arsenal still have Chelsea to play as I remember. Reply Share on Twitter You’re right HighburyHero – I was going to add that Arsenal are in no position financially (and haven’t been for 3-4 years) to compete with Man Utd. However, you know what I mean. All successful teams are built on defensive organisation and consistency (even before huge money was required). It seems only now over half way through the season has Wenger realised the benefit of keeping a clean sheet. But this has only happened due to the injuries of key creative players and after the flimsy performances against Hull, Fulham, Spurs and Stoke etc… Too little too late, the damage has alrady been done. 0 1 Share on Facebook Comments 57 Eboue had to go but since when were players sent off by fourth officials?It’s something I’d like to see more in the game to be fair, but when countless players get away with things every week it seems a shame that Eboue is the victim of what is, essentially, a video replay. | Pick 100 MoscowVilla Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Twitter paulfromhull2 Twitter Facebook | Pick Share Share Facebook Share on Twitter 9 Feb 2009 16:52 Twitter bigredtx Share on Facebook Fabregooner 9 Feb 2009 16:30 Twitter 0 1 Share Facebook Twitter 9 Feb 2009 19:04 0 1 Dunno about a lot of opinions on this blog so far – Arsenal have had terrible injury problems this season that would have stymied even Utds challenge : Toure had malaria, Fabregas was made captain one week and out for months a week later … Walcott was looking world beating then got injured long term, not to say anything of Rosicky and Eduardo, and now Adeybayors out. The only positive (touch wood) is that RvPs fit and in form.And take a look at Arsenals fixture list coming up – I suspect they will push on now and take 4th from Chelsea, who look totally without inspiration, while talent such as Arshavin and Eduardo wait to take part. They have shown they can battle and be resilient, despite a threadbare squad. Unbeaten for ages and still in the FA Cup and the Champions League. Its not too bad actually and will only get better … 0 1 | Pick Reply Share I thought it was a poor game for the most part, and Eboue going off didn’t help that. He wasn’t bad while he was on but his behaviour is a constant liability, and I didn’t feel any sympathy for him when he got sent off, just annoyance with him.I’m not too concerned that Adebayor is out for a few weeks either, he’s been pretty unimpressive lately and I hope his absence might result in more opportunities for Vela who has shown some promise. Unfortunately I think Bendtner will get more starts now but I’m not a big fan of his. Other than occasional flashes he just doesn’t seem good enough.It will be interesting to see if Arshavin makes a difference, but I’m not holding my breath. Report Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other | Pick Share on Facebook chicken100 Share 0 1 Reply Griffey Order by oldest Share on Facebook Facebook | Pick 0 1 Report Share 9 Feb 2009 13:47 comments (57)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. buffalo6 Report Facebook 2 Sun 8 Feb 2009 20.56 EST Share on Twitter 9 Feb 2009 17:00 Reply Share on Twitter newest 9 Feb 2009 17:28 They’re rich now, it won’t take that long.Would be amusing watching other clubs implode if Platini got his way somehow, also. Twitter go8gr7gxbhux Share via Email Share on Facebook 9 Feb 2009 17:30 kiwired Twitter Reply | Pick Twitter Reply Share on Facebook Report Report | Pick go8gr7gxbhux 9 Feb 2009 17:37 Reply Yaotzin | Pick Share on Twitter Share on Facebook 3 0 1 Share on Facebook | Pick 0 1 | Pick Share 2 Report 9 Feb 2009 14:40 Close report comment form Share on Pinterest Reply Eboue kicked out at Modric….in Shaun Wright Phillips style…it should probably have been a direct red!!! he got away with it, but stayed around to then get a 2nd yellow……not very smart.Wrong way round, PaulfromHull. Eboue got the first yellow for failing to go away when ordered to three times by card-happy ref. His second yellow was for the petulant kick. Sad because until then he was having the kind of game Wenger must know he is capable of. Strong driving runs into the heart of Spurs defence, a goal disallowed for very little (the push didn’t affect the Spurs player, it was Adebayor on the floor that caused him to fall).But the truth is Eboue does this kind of thing to often. It’s like he doesn’t see the bigger picture of the match and the significance of small incidents. He actually thought he had got away with the kick. Someone should tell him there are cameras at football matches, because he doesn’t seem to get that. A pity because when he plays as he did in the first 20minutes he can scare the life out of defenders.As for Arsene’s policy, I would have liked to have held on to PIres, Henry and Vieira, but the truth is they couldn’t hack it in the most demanding league in the world. For example, do you think Beckham could continue to play for Man U in the Prem? Then how is he doing so well in Italy? Because the tempo is much slower, as it is in Spain and this is why the players mentioned left.Wenger has been stymied by the stadium development and Arsenal’s wage and transfer policy. I wish that would change a bit, and maybe the arrival of Arhavin has signalled that.When Rosicky (hopefully), Fabregas, Eduardo and Walcott come back there will be some good options in attack, but we still need a dominant centre-half and a midfield general. Flamini was overrated though had a great work rate.But if Wenger’s famous stubbornness is allowed to affect his transfer policy, and he refuses to change it now Arsenal have moved into the stadium, then Arsenal will fall further, and once you are out of the top four it will be very difficult to get back in.Ferguson has proved himself time and again, but he has also had the money to do so. But, it has to be said, if Wenger had been given the same amount of money, I doubt he would have had the guts to bid £20m + for Rooney and pay an extra £3m or so for Berbatove once he realised that Man City were going to gazump him. That alone marks Fergie out as a manager with cojones!Fourth place must be the aim, and I think we can do it. But next year will be last chance saloon for Wenger so he must, finally, spend big and get two, maybe three world class players to boost the undoubted technical talent of this young team. It takes more than technique to win leagues! 9 Feb 2009 20:02 9 Feb 2009 14:17 Eboue kicked out at Modric….in Shaun Wright Phillips style…it should probably have been a direct red!!! he got away with it, but stayed around to then get a 2nd yellow……not very smart.Of course Mr selective vision probably didn’t see it that way Share on Facebook 9 Feb 2009 19:19 Sportblog @Chicken100,you forgot to mention “lots of money”. Reply Facebook | Pick | Pick 0 1 Report David Pleat’s chalkboard Twitter First off – to touch on the article – Wenger has the advantage of an excellent back four, particularly against the type of attack of Spurs. So Arsene has the capacity to leave players further forward than most managers in such a situation. RvP was certainly working back as well so the formation was more 4-3-1-1. Plus, Arsenal are desperate for the points – there is the very real prospect of battling Chelsea for 5th and 6th if their form and injuries continue.Still it does break up the big four. 9 Feb 2009 19:25 0 1 0 1 Show 25 Share Reply | Pick unthreaded Share on Twitter Twitter Report route22 Twitter | Pick “It’s two points dropped because we had the best chances and because we scored a regular goal that was cancelled for an illusionary foul seen only by the referee,” said Wenger, “I’ve watched it three times on television and I still don’t see what’s wrong.”The first yellow card was very harsh,” said Wenger. ” The second [booking] I haven’t seen but they told me he has retaliated”.Reckon Wenger got sick and tired of watching Eboue making a complete idiot of himself 🙂 0 1 Share Share expanded 25 Twitter Tottenham Hotspur Facebook chicken100 9 Feb 2009 19:56 Twitter Share on Facebook Lineman LoonyGoon Share on Facebook Arsenal are much poorer this season, but of the ex-Arse players, only Andy Cole, Henry (albeit marginally), and Diarra would have made Arsenal’s team against Spurs. The rest of the team are largely memories of great players, not necessarily players who can play at a high level today.Cole (for the money) and Henry (ego) had to go anyways. Too bad Diarra could not have had more patience. Facebook Share Share on Twitter | Pick Arsenal and Spurs are two poor teams… Remarkable that it was old man Giggs who unlocked W. Ham today yet Wenger saw fit to let Bobby Pires go because of age.A team of ex-Arse who still are plying their trade elsewhere to some effect:ManningerLauren Upson Sol Ashley ColeBentley Diarra Vieira PiresKanu HenryI’ll bet this XI would beat the 11 that started vs Spurs today. My point is Wenger does a piss poor job of retaining talent. It’s one thing to bring players into the first 11 but quite another to keep them happy.I can only hope the rumour that Eboue was wanted elsewhere during the transfer window was exactly that – a rumour. The man is a Championship player at best. The good news is that he will miss at least one game and we willnot be subjected to his horrorshows… Sad state of affairs. Twitter PaulfromhullThere’s probably a reason why Mr Selective Vision probably didn’t see it that way … Share 9 Feb 2009 19:36 | Pick Share on Facebook Facebook Share Share on Facebook 0 1 Reply Share 0 1 0 1 Share on Facebook 0 1 Facebook Share on Twitter Report Facebook vernier 0 1 Report Up4GrabsNow Share on Twitter Londoneye – it takes more than technique to win leagues.That sums it all up and you only have to look at ManUtd to see what it takes to win the league. Consistency and organisation is what Uniteds title bid is based on.And it wasn’t Wenger outsmarting Redknapp that earned the draw it was the fact that Redknapp had no ideas at all in how to defeat 10 men and Gallas played a blinder. “Arsène Wenger’s clever tactical rearrangement comfortably kept Spurs at bay “yeh and the chump! the arse managed not to lose to a team battling relegation! what an achievement for a team of football purists and geniuses.isnt all bad tho – at least that donkey adebayor is injured. how many chances did he miss yesday????useless. Arsène Wenger’s clever tactical rearrangement comfortably kept Spurs at bay Reply Report Share on Facebook Despite losing Emmanuel Adebayor with a torn hamstring and having the immature Emmanuel Eboué unluckily sent off after only 35 minutes, Arsenal survived. Once again Arsène Wenger produced a tight tactical rearrangement to maximise his nine outfield players.Most managers faced with this dilemma would leave only one out-and-out front player and often giving unchallenged possession to the opposition’s defenders means a backs-to-the-wall battle. Here Arsenal rather than going to 4-4-1 went to 4-3-2, crucially retaining two front players. Wenger’s motive was to make sure Tottenham’s back four never had a completely free ride and to ensure his players more than one front target.Robin van Persie grafted hard to help his midfield threesome when Tottenham had possession. Samir Nasri, switched to the right of midfield from wide on the left where he had earlier troubled Vedran Corluka, combined with Alexandre Song, whose game improved dramatically in the second period, and Denilson, on the left, as the trio kept their shape and discipline during a difficult second half.It was disappointing for Spurs who had started brightly in a fast first period. But this promise faded and, as the game wore on, admirably for an away team in these circumstances, Arsenal’s confidence grew as did Tottenham’s frustration.Spurs failed to exploit their first-half ascendancy when Aaron Lennon had patrolled the right touchline and Luka Modric wandered inside from the left to help the impressive Wilson Palacios and Jermaine Jenas. Spurs kept the ball well and looked the more inventive side, with Modric, in particular, inspired – jigging infield, spreading passes and overloading in these areas.Robbie Keane looked capable of exploiting the space Modric vacated. In high left-sided advanced positions Keane enjoys taking on right-backs with his clever shift of balance and ability to manoeuvre the ball with either foot. But despite the promise and probing Spurs could not manufacture clear chances.Arsenal’s tactics encouraged Spurs to spread the ball wide, with Benoît Assou-Ekotto getting a big share of the ball. But confronted by Arsenal’s right midfielder Nasri (see diagram) the ball was ushered infield into Arsenal’s area of strength.Wenger’s bold reorganisation made sure Tottenham did not get into advanced wide positions where Lennon’s pace had troubled them in the first half. Their spirited resilience and clever team rearrangement ultimately kept Spurs at bay. Reply Facebook Share Reply Up for grabs now – add Flamini to that list of players. I think that his transfer (together with Hleb’s) was the start of a worrying problem for Arsene – players deciding to move at their peak and not when they are on the way down a la Petit, Vieria, Henry. Also, if Flamini had stayed it the Diarra issue wouldn’t feel as significant.Before then, I always thought players that Wenger had let go had always done worse elsewhere: Petit / Overmars were never as respected again, it took Anelka another decade to join the elite again after the Real calamity, Vieira has never been the force in Italy that he was in England, Pires got an injury that ruled him our for the whole next season (ok, not his fault) and Henry was quite ineffective until Pep took over. But now there is a real worry that players like Cesc, Adebayor and Van Persie will feel they need to move on to actually win something, just when all are approaching their best years.Still, the Prem will be poorer if Wenger ever changes his recruitment policy. His track record of unearthing all of the above indicates he will do it again, and as Arsenal fans say, Arsene knows. Twitter Harry has miracle job of changing Spurs’ pretty, effete, little girliestyle into today’s Premier success style of skill-power-passion-hard work-speed.Palacios is good start. Hope he will make others play around him.Modric – excellent and will get better.Spurs need an Essien to join midfield and a top goalgetterup front with Keane.Suggest take Lennon away to a boot camp for three months…teach him how to deliver final ball, pinpoint pass.He would then be world class.Next window, Jenas, Huddlestone, Bent, Taarabt, Gomez, Rochas out.In – an Essien type, Joe Hart or equivalent, a world class striker.Finally, sell club to a forward thinking new ownerwho will take a “Ten Year Brand” approach like Abu Dhabi has. Reply 9 Feb 2009 15:51 stealthbanana Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment | Pick Share on Twitter Reply First published on Sun 8 Feb 2009 20.56 EST Share on Twitter 0 1 Share Share on Facebook 9 Feb 2009 12:22 Share on Facebook Reason (optional) Reply Report | Pick | Picklast_img read more